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fracas /'frækɑ:/
  • danh từ, số nhiều fracas
    • cuộc câi lộn ầm ĩ, cuộc ẩu đã ầm ĩ
Concise Dictionary
fracases'freɪkəs /'frækɑː
+noisy quarrel
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 trouble, disturbance, commotion, rumpus, fuss, hubbub, pandemonium, hullabaloo, uproar, disorder, scramble, scuffle, brawl, rough-house, rough-and-tumble, turmoil, tumult, free-for-all, riot, fray, brouhaha, mêlée or melee, Law affray; Brit scrum, US brannigan; Colloq ruckus, punch-up, Slang Brit bovver:
It was football hooligans who caused the fracas after the game.
2 argument, disagreement, quarrel, dispute, discord, wrangle, altercation, squabble, spat, tiff, fight, row, tussle, Donnybrook, brawl, Colloq barney, scrap:
After the referee's ruling, a fracas broke out.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(plural fracas , AmE fracases) [usually sing.] a noisy argument or fight, usually involving several people: a fracas between the supporters of the two teams

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