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fortify /'fɔ:tifai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • củng cố, làm cho vững chắc, làm cho mạnh thêm
      • to fortify one's courage: củng cố lòng dũng cảm
Concise Dictionary
fortified|fortifies|fortifying'fɔrtɪfaɪ /'fɔːt-
+make strong or stronger
+enclose by or as if by a fortification
+prepare oneself for a military confrontation
+add nutrients to
+add alcohol to (beverages)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 strengthen, reinforce, shore up, buttress, brace, bolster, secure:
Steel plates were used to fortify the walls.
2 cheer, encourage, hearten, buoy, invigorate, energize, embolden, reassure, brace:
Her enthusiasm fortified him to face what was coming.
3 supplement, enhance, enrich, boost, augment:
The drink was fortified by the addition of whisky.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (fortifies, fortifying, fortified, fortified) [VN]
1 ~ sth (against sb/sth) to strengthen a place against attack, especially by building high walls: a fortified town + They fortified the area against attack.
2 ~ sb / yourself (against sb/sth) to make sb/yourself feel stronger, braver, etc: He fortified himself against the cold with a stiff brandy. + Although fortified by its election success, the government remains cautious in its policies.
3 to make a feeling or an attitude stronger: The news merely fortified their determination.
4 ~ sth (with sth) to increase the strength or quality of food or drink by adding sth to it: Sherry is fortified wine (= wine with extra alcohol added). + cereal fortified with extra vitamins

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