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forthcoming /fɔ:θ'kʌmiɳ/
  • tính từ
    • sắp đến, sắp rời
      • forthcoming session: phiên họp (sắp) tới
    • sắp xuất bản (sách)
    • sãn sàng (khi cần)
Concise Dictionary
+at ease in talking to others
+of the relatively near future
+available when required or as promised

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 approaching, nearing, impending, imminent, coming, (close) at hand, upcoming; near or close (by), (near or close) at hand, in the offing, on the horizon, Colloq Brit on the cards, US in the cards:
The forthcoming tax increase will affect everyone. A new regulation is forthcoming.
2 awaited, expected, anticipated, looked-for, watched for, prospective, foreseen:
The forthcoming payment will be be a little late.
3 outgoing, friendly, amiable, affable, sociable, accessible, expansive, chatty, talkative, communicative, informative, open, free, revealing, unreserved:
Barry was most forthcoming when questioned about his finances.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [only before noun] going to happen, be published, etc. very soon: the forthcoming elections + a list of forthcoming books + the band's forthcoming UK tour
2 [not before noun] ready or made available when needed: Financial support was not forthcoming.
3 [not before noun] willing to give information about sth: She's never very forthcoming about her plans.
Collocation Dictionary

1 available


Help was duly forthcoming.


duly | readily | immediately

2 willing to give information




unusually | not very


She wasn't very forthcoming about where she'd been.

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