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foresee /fɔ:'si:/
  • ngoại động từ foresaw, foreseen
    • nhìn thấy trước, dự kiến trước, đoán trước, biết trước
Concise Dictionary
foresaw|foreseen|foresees|foreseeingfɔr'sɪː /fɔː-
+realize beforehand
+picture to oneself; imagine possible
+act in advance of; deal with ahead of time

Thesaurus Dictionary
presage, foretell, envisage, picture, forecast, predict, prophesy, augur, US envision:
I don't foresee any problems.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(foresaw ) to think sth is going to happen in the future; to know about sth before it happens
Synonym: PREDICT
[VN] We do not foresee any problems. + The extent of the damage could not have been foreseen. + [V (that)] No one could have foreseen (that) things would turn out this way. + [V wh-] It is impossible to foresee how life will work out. [also VN -ing]
Collocation Dictionary


clearly | reasonably
He could not reasonably have foreseen the consequences.


We could foresee no difficulties with these proposals.
| be difficult to, be impossible to
It is impossible to foresee the future.

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