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forbidden /fə'bid/
  • ngoại động từ forbad, forbade, forbidden
    • cấm, ngăn cấm
      • smoking strictly forbidden: tuyệt đối cấm hút thuốc lá
      • I am forbidden tobacco: tôi bị cấm hút thuốc lá
      • to forbid someone wine: cấm không cho ai uống rượu
      • to the house: cấm cửa
      • time forbids: thời gian không cho phép
    • God (Heaven) forbid!
      • lạy trời đừng có chuyện đó
Concise Dictionary
fər'bɪdn /fə'-
+excluded from use or mention
+command against
+keep from happening or arising; make impossible

Thesaurus Dictionary
prohibit, ban, hinder, stop, exclude, debar, preclude, prevent; outlaw, interdict, disallow, proscribe, taboo; veto:
I was forbidden from entering. They forbid smoking in the classrooms.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
not allowed: Photography is strictly forbidden in the museum. + The conversation was in danger of wandering into forbidden territory (= topics that they were not allowed to talk about).
Idioms: forbidden fruit a thing that is not allowed and that therefore seems very attractive

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