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floor /floor/
  • danh từ
    • sàn (nhà, cầu...)
      • dirt floor: sàn đất
    • tầng (nhà)
    • đáy
      • the ocean floor: đáy đại dương
    • phòng họp (quốc hội)
    • quyền phát biểu ý kiến (ở hội nghị)
      • to give somebody the floor: để cho ai phát biểu ý kiến
      • to take the floor: phát biểu ý kiến
    • giá thấp nhất
    • to cross the floor of the House
      • vào đảng phái khác
    • to mop the floor with someone
      • mop
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm sàn, lát sàn
      • to floor a room with pine boards: lát sàn bằng ván gỗ thông
    • đánh (ai) ngã, cho (ai) đo ván
    • làm rối trí, làm bối rối
      • the question floored him: câu hỏi làm anh ta rối trí không trả lời được
    • bảo (học sinh không thuộc bài) ngồi xuống
    • vượt qua thắng lợi
      • to floor the paper: làm được bài thi
Concise Dictionary
floors|floored|flooringflɔr /flɔː
+the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room or hallway)
+a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
+a lower limit
+the ground on which people and animals move about
+the bottom surface of any a cave or lake etc.
+the occupants of a floor
+the parliamentary right to address an assembly
+the legislative hall where members debate and vote and conduct other business
+a large room in a stock exchange where the trading is done
+surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off
+knock down with force

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 flooring, parquet, boarding, planking, Nautical or Colloq deck:
The floor is mopped once a week.
2 storey, level; deck:
On which floor is your flat?
3 minimum, bottom, base, lower limit, lowest (level):
Owing to inflation, the wage floor was raised. Share prices went through the floor in today's trading.
4 knock over or down, bowl over, prostrate, fell, overthrow, bring down, (make) fall; beat, defeat, conquer, destroy, rout, overwhelm, crush, whip, trounce, thrash, drub, best, worst:
The champion was floored by a blow to the head.
5 stump, bewilder, baffle, dumbfound or dumfound, confuse, confound, disconcert, nonplus, perplex, puzzle, astound, astonish, amaze, surprise, shock:
Alexandra was floored when she received a gift from her ex-husband.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
of room
1 [C, usually sing.] the surface of a room that you walk on: a wooden / concrete / marble floor + ceramic floor tiles + The body was lying on the kitchen floor. + The furniture and floor coverings date from the 1920s. + The alterations should give us extra floor space. - EARTH
of vehicle
2 (AmE also floorboard) [C, usually sing.] the bottom surface of a vehicle: The floor of the car was covered in cigarette ends.
level of building
3 [C] all the rooms that are on the same level of a building: Her office is on the second floor. + the Irish guy who lives two floors above + There is a lift to all floors. + Their house is on three floors (= it has three floors).
of the sea / forests
4 [C, usually sing.] the ground at the bottom of the sea, a forest, etc: the ocean / valley / cave / forest floor
in parliament
5 (the floor) [sing.] the part of a building where discussions or debates are held, especially in a parliament; the people who attend a discussion or debate: Opposition politicians registered their protest on the floor of the House. + We will now take any questions from the floor.
area for work
6 [C, usually sing.] an area in a building that is used for a particular activity: on the floor of the Stock Exchange (= where trading takes place)
for wages / prices
7 [C, usually sing.] the lowest level allowed for wages or prices: Prices have gone through the floor (= fallen to a very low level).
Compare: CEILING (2)
Idioms: get / be given / have the floor to get/be given/have the right to speak during a discussion or debate
hold the floor to speak during a discussion or debate, especially for a long time so that nobody else is able to say anything: She held the floor for over an hour.
take (to) the floor to start dancing on a DANCE FLOOR: Couples took the floor for the last dance of the evening.
+ verb [VN]
surprise / confuse
1 to surprise or confuse sb so that they are not sure what to say or do: His reply completely floored me.
2 [usually passive] to make sb fall down by hitting them, especially in a sport: He was floored by the first punch.
building / room
3 [usually passive] to provide a building or room with a floor
In BrE the floor of a building at street level is the ground floor, the one above it is the first floor and the one below it is the basement, or lower ground floor in a public building.
In AmE the floor at street level is usually called the first floor, the one above it is the second floor and the one below it is the basement. In public buildings the floor at street level can also be called the ground floor.
- note at STOREY
Collocation Dictionary

1 lower surface of a room


I can't sleep on the bare floor!
| carpeted, parquet, tiled, wood, wooden | polished | bathroom, kitchen, etc.


clean, mop, polish, scrub, sweep, wash, wax, wipe | drop to, fall to
His glass fell to the floor and broke.


covering, tile | space


on the ~
Do you mind sitting on the floor?


from floor to ceiling
Bookcases lined the walls from floor to ceiling.

2 bottom of the sea, a forest, etc.


cave, forest, ocean, sea, valley

3 level in a building


bottom, ground | top | first, second, etc. | mezzanine | lower, upper


The offices occupy the two top floors of the building.


on the ~
a cafe on the mezzanine floor

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