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flexible /flexible/
  • tính từ
    • dẻo, mền dẻo, dễ uốn
    • dễ sai khiến, dễ thuyết phục, dễ uốn nắn
    • linh động, linh hoạt
Concise Dictionary
+capable of being changed
+able to flex; able to bend easily
+able to adjust readily to different conditions
+bending and snapping back readily without breaking
+making or willing to make concessions

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pliable, pliant, elastic, resilient, supple, bendable, limber, lithe, stretchy, stretchable, springy, extensible or extensile, ductile, flexile, tensile, yielding, willowy:
The foil is a thin, flexible duelling sword.
2 modifiable, adaptable, conformable, compliant, malleable, obedient, tractable, manageable, cooperative, amenable, persuadable or persuasible:
English seems to be an infinitely flexible language. Nicole is flexible in her attitude towards politics.
3 easy, facile, submissive, complaisant, docile:
Discipline at the school might be a little too flexible.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (approving) able to change to suit new conditions or situations: a more flexible design / approach + flexible working hours + Our plans need to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of everyone. + You need to be more flexible and imaginative in your approach. + Can you be flexible about when you take your leave?
2 able to bend easily without breaking: flexible plastic tubing
flexibility noun [U]: Computers offer a much greater degree of flexibility in the way work is organized. + An overdraft provides increased flexibility but at a higher cost. + exercises to develop the flexibility of dancers' bodies
flexibly adverb: Managers must respond flexibly to new developments in business practice.
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | become | remain | make sth
We need to make the working day more flexible.
| keep sth


extremely, highly, very | completely, fully, perfectly, totally | infinitely
Human beings are infinitely flexible and able to adjust when survival depends on it.
| fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively | enough, sufficiently | insufficiently


My mother is fairly flexible about what time I need to be home.

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