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flea /flea/
  • danh từ
    • (động vật học) con bọ chét
    • to flay a flea the hide and tallow
      • to skin a flea for its hide
        • rán sành ra mỡ, keo cú bủn xỉn
      • a flea for in one's ear
        • (thông tục) sự khiển trách nặng nề
      • sự từ chối phũ phàng; sự cự tuyệt phũ phang
      • to go away with a flea in one's ear
        • bị khiển trách nặng nề
      • to send somebody away with a flea in his ear
        • (xem) ear
Concise Dictionary
+any wingless bloodsucking parasitic insect noted for ability to leap
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
a very small jumping insect without wings, that bites animals and humans and sucks their blood: The dog has fleas.
Idioms: with a flea in your ear if sb sends a person away with a flea in their ear, they tell them angrily to go away
Collocation Dictionary


cat, dog, etc.


get, have | be riddled with | control
This drug is given to dogs to control fleas.


jump | bite | carry/spread disease


bite | collar, powder

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