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flavour /'fleivə/
  • danh từ+ (flavor) /'fleivə/
    • vị ngon, mùi thơm; mùi vị
      • sweets with different flavour: kẹo với nhiều mùi vị khác nhau
    • (nghĩa bóng) hương vị phảng phất
      • a newspapers story with a flavour of romance: chuyện viết trên báo có phảng phất hương vị tiểu thuyết
  • ngoại động từ
    • cho gia vị, làm tăng thêm mùi vị
      • to flavour soup with onions: cho hành để tăng thêm mùi vị của súp
    • (nghĩa bóng) tăng thêm hứng thú của, thêm thắt vào, thêm mắm thêm muối vào
Concise Dictionary
+the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
+(physics) the six kinds of quarks
+the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
+lend flavor to
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 taste, savour, tang, piquancy, zest; tastiness, savouriness; essence, extract, seasoning, flavouring, seasoning, spice; aroma, odour, scent; Rare sapor:
Overcooking destroys the flavour of food. This sweet has a minty flavour.
2 character, spirit, nature, quality, property, mark, stamp, essence, characteristic, style, taste, feel, feeling, ambience or ambiance, sense, tinge, aroma, air, atmosphere, hint, suggestion, touch, soupçon:
We all agreed that the new play has a Shavian flavour.
3 season, spice:
She flavours her teacakes with ginger.
Advanced English Dictionary
(AmE flavor) noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] how food or drink tastes: The tomatoes give extra flavour to the sauce. + It is stronger in flavour than other traditional Dutch cheeses.
2 [C] a particular type of taste: This yogurt comes in ten different flavours. + a wine with a delicate fruit flavour
3 [sing.] a particular quality or atmosphere: the distinctive flavour of South Florida + The film retains much of the book's exotic flavour. + Foreign visitors help to give a truly international flavour to the occasion.
4 [sing.] a / the ~ of sth an idea of what sth is like: I have tried to convey something of the flavour of the argument. + The following extract gives a flavour of the poet's later works.
5 (computing) a particular type of sth, especially computer SOFTWARE
Idioms: flavour of the month (especially BrE) somebody or something that is very popular at a particular time: Environmental issues are no longer the flavour of the month. + I'm not exactly flavour of the month around here at the moment.
+ verb [VN] ~ sth (with sth) to add sth to food or drink to give it more flavour or a particular flavour
Collocation Dictionary

1 taste of food


delicious, exquisite, fine, good, lovely, pleasant, wonderful | characteristic, distinctive, particular, unique, unmistakable | true | full, pronounced, rich, strong | mellow, rounded | delicate, mild, subtle | bland | extra | fresh | sweet | bitter, sharp, sour, tangy, tart | salty | hot, spicy | smoky | exotic | cheese/cheesy, chocolate, fruit, lemon/lemony, minty, nutty, etc.


It's got a very mild flavour.
| take on
Coffee takes on a flavour all of its own when enjoyed with freshly cooked pastry.
| keep
Delicate herbs keep their flavour better when frozen.
| lose | add, give sth, impart, lend (sth), provide
a herb that adds a characteristic flavour to a range of dishes
| bring out, release
The lemon juice brings out the natural fruit flavours. Bay leaves should be broken to release their flavour.
| enhance, improve | spoil | destroy
Cooking the vegetable destroys its wonderful delicate flavour.
| appreciate, enjoy, savour
Enjoy the flavour of fresh fish.


Salt is a common flavour enhancer.


for ~
Cream may be added to the sauce for extra flavour.
| with a ~
a dish with a strong spicy flavour


full of flavour
vegetables that are fresh and full of flavour

2 particular quality/atmosphere


distinctive, particular, true, unique | pronounced, strong | international, local, oriental, regional | American, Scandinavian, etc. | political


The college has a truly international flavour.
| acquire, take on
The music festival has taken on a distinctly German flavour.
| lose | add, give sth, impart, provide
The intervention of the authorities gave union struggles a decidedly political flavour.
| experience, get
The children experienced the flavour of medieval life. She rotated around the departments to get a flavour of all aspects of the business.
| appreciate, enjoy | capture
The film captures the flavour of rural life in this area.
| convey


with a … ~
a TV show with an American flavour

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