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fitness /'fitnis/
  • danh từ
    • sự thích hợp, sự phù hợp, sự vừa vặn; sự xứng dáng
    • sự đúng, sự phải
    • tình trạng sung sức
Concise Dictionary
+the condition of being suitable
+good physical condition; being in shape or in condition
+fitness to traverse the seas
+the quality of being qualified

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 aptness, appropriateness, suitability, suitableness, competence, pertinence, seemliness; eligibility, adequacy, qualification(s):
There is some doubt about Henryson's fitness as a leader.
2 health, healthiness, (good) (physical) condition, vigour, well-being, (good) shape, (fine) fettle, tone, wholesomeness, salubriousness or salubrity:
Tony is a fanatic about physical fitness and exercises daily.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 the state of being physically healthy and strong: a magazine on health and fitness + a fitness instructor / class / test + a high level of physical fitness
2 ~ for sth / to do sth the state of being suitable or good enough for sth: He convinced us of his fitness for the task. + There were doubts about her fitness to hold office.
Collocation Dictionary


full, peak | low | all-round, general, overall | individual, personal | aerobic, physical | match
Hendry is back to match fitness and is expected to play.


degree, level
You need a good level of physical fitness for this sport.


He has attained peak fitness this season.
| maintain
Regular exercise helps to maintain physical fitness.
| be back to, get (sb) back to, regain, return to | build (up), enhance, improve, increase, work on
A special trainer has been brought in to work on the tennis player's fitness.
| prove
The coach has given him until next week to prove his fitness.


First, determine your present fitness level.
| training | programme, regime | check, test | fanatic, freak
She's a bit of a fitness freak. She goes running every night.
| centre
a fitness centre with gymnasium and squash courts


health and fitness
Walking is good for health and fitness.

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