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finger /'fiɳgə/
  • danh từ
    • ngón tay
    • ngón tay bao găng
    • vật hình ngón tay (trong máy...)
    • to burn one's fingers
      • burn to cross one's fingers
    • cross to have a finger in the pie
    • pie to lay a finger on
    • sờ nhẹ, đụng tới
    • to let something slip through one's fingers
      • buông lỏng cái gì
    • to lift (stir) a finger
      • nhích ngón tay (là được)
    • to look through one's fingers at
      • vờ không trông thấy
    • my fingers itch
      • tôi sốt ruột, tôi nóng lòng (muốn làm cái gì)
    • his fingers are all thumbs
      • (xem) thumbs
    • to put one's finger on
      • vạch đúng (những cái gì sai trái)
    • to turn (twist) someone round one's finger
      • mơn trớn ai
    • with a wet finger
      • dễ dàng, thoải mái
  • ngoại động từ
    • sờ mó
      • to finger a piece of cloth: sờ xem một tấm vải
    • ăn tiền, ăn hối lộ
      • to finger someone's money: ăn tiền của ai
    • đánh (đàn); búng (dây đàn bằng ngón tay)
      • to finger the piano: đánh pianô
    • ghi cách sử dụng các ngón tay (vào bản nhạc)
Concise Dictionary
+any of the terminal members of the hand (sometimes excepting the thumb)
+the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure
+one of the parts of a glove that provides covering for a finger or thumb
+feel or handle with the fingers
+examine by touch
+search for on the computer
+indicate the fingering for the playing of musical scores for keyboard instruments

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 digit:
How many fingers am I holding up?
2 have a finger in. be or become or get involved in, figure in, have a hand in, influence, interfere in, tamper or meddle or tinker or monkey with:
I knew that Lightfoot must have had a finger in the deal.
3 keep one's fingers crossed. hope or pray for the best, touch or esp. US knock wood:
I'm sure you'll win, but I'll keep my fingers crossed just the same.
4 lay or put a finger on. (so much as) touch, strike, hit, punch:
If you lay a finger on her, you'll have to answer to me!
5 lay or put one's finger on.
(a) recall, remember, recollect, bring or call to mind, think of, pin down:
I can't quite put my finger on the date when we met.
(b) locate, find, discover, unearth, lay or put one's hands on, track down, get hold of, come by, acquire; buy, purchase:
I was finally able to put my finger on the book you asked for.
(c) indicate, identify, point to, pin down, Colloq zero (in) on:
Frank put his finger on the problem at once.
6 (not) lift or raise (even) a (little) finger. make an attempt or effort, offer, make a move, contribute, do one's part, do anything or something:
She didn't so much as lift a finger when I needed her.
7 pull or get one's finger out. get on with it, stop delaying or procrastinating, Colloq get cracking:
He should have finished by now, and I wish he'd pull his finger out.
8 put the finger on. accuse, inform on or against, tell or tattle on, betray, bear witness, Slang snitch or squeal on, peach on:
After Louise put the finger on the kingpin, the cops arrested him.
9 slip through one's fingers. elude, escape, get away, vanish, disappear:
Despite the cordon round the house, the fugitive slipped through our fingers.
10 twist or wrap around one's little finger. control, dominate, lord it over, have under control, manipulate, manoeuvre, wield power or authority over, have under one's thumb, have the upper hand over, be master of, influence, make subservient:
She has her father twisted around her little finger, and can do no wrong in his eyes.
11 touch, handle, feel; toy or play or fiddle with:
He was quite nervous and kept fingering his tie.
12 identify, point out, put the finger on:
It was too late, the mob had already fingered Slats for assassination.

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