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finesse /fi'nes/
  • danh từ
    • sự khéo léo, sự phân biệt tế nhị
    • mưu mẹo, mánh khoé
    • động từ
      • dùng mưu đoạt (cái gì); dùng mưu đẩy (ai) làm gì; dùng mưu, dùng kế
        • to finesse something away: dùng mưu đoạt cái gì
    Concise Dictionary
    +subtly skillful handling of a situation
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 artfulness, subtlety, cunning, craftiness, cleverness, strategy, shrewdness, skill, style, dash, élan, panache, knack, skilfulness, talent, adroitness, expertness, expertise, adeptness, proficiency, ability, facility:
    I admire the finesse with which she persuaded him to give the painting to the museum.
    2 trick, artifice, stratagem, wile, ruse, scheme, machination, intrigue, device, expedient, manoeuvre, deception, deceit:
    He used every finesse in the book to get her to work for him.
    3 tact, diplomacy, discretion, grace, taste, delicacy, polish, refinement, elegance:
    With infinite finesse, Lord Lacey suggested that the duchess might like to stay the night.
    4 manoeuvre, manipulate, bluff, trick, delude, deceive, fool, outwit, hoodwink, Colloq finagle, Slang con:
    She was finessed into making him heir to her fortune.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun [U] great skill in dealing with people or situations, especially in a delicate way
    + verb [VN] (especially AmE)
    1 to deal with sth in a way that is clever but slightly dishonest: to finesse a deal
    2 to do sth with a lot of skill or style

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