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financial /fai'nænʃəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) tài chính, về tài chính
      • a financial institute: trường tài chính
      • financial world: giới tài chính
      • to be in financial difficulties: gặp khó khăn về tài chính
Concise Dictionary
+involving financial matters
Thesaurus Dictionary
monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, economic:
We must get the financial affairs of the country in order.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
[usually before noun] connected with money and FINANCE: financial services / institutions + to give financial advice / assistance / support + to be in financial difficulties + an independent financial adviser + Tokyo and New York are major financial centres.
financially adverb: She is still financially dependent on her parents. + Financially, I'm much better off than before. + Such projects are not financially viable without government funding.

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