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finance /fai'næns/
  • danh từ
    • tài chính, sở quản lý tài chính
      • the Finance Department: bộ tài chính
    • (số nhiều) tài chính, tiền của
    • ngoại động từ
      • cấp tiền cho, bỏ vốn cho, tìm vốn cho
      • nội động từ
        • làm công tác tài chính, hoạt động trong ngành tài chính
      Concise Dictionary
      finances|financed|financingfɪ'næns / 'faɪnæns
      +the commercial activity of providing funds and capital
      +the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets
      +the management of money and credit and banking and investments
      +obtain or provide money for
      +sell or provide on credit

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 resource(s), banking, accounting, economics, money (management), business, commerce, (financial) affairs, investment:
      Bendick is the officer in charge of finance for the company.
      2 finances. capital, money, cash, funds, resources, assets, holdings, wealth, wherewithal:
      Have you the finances needed to buy the house?
      3 fund, subvene, invest in, back, capitalize, underwrite, subsidize, pay for, Colloq US bankroll:
      The new enterprise is being financed entirely by small investors.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 [U] ~ (for sth) money used to run a business, an activity or a project: Finance for education comes from taxpayers. + The project will only go ahead if they can raise the necessary finance.
      2 [U] the activity of managing money, especially by a government or commercial organization: the Minister of Finance + the finance director / department + a diploma in banking and finance + the world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries)
      3 (finances) [pl.] the money available to a person, an organization or a country; the way this money is managed: government / public / personal finances + It's about time you sorted out your finances. + Moving house put a severe strain on our finances. + The firm's finances are basically sound.
      + verb [VN] to provide money for a project
      Synonym: FUND
      The building project will be financed by the government and by public donations. + He took a job to finance his stay in Germany.
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 money needed to fund sth


      (= borrowed at low interest)
      | necessary | additonal, extra, further
      the need to obtain additional finance
      | long-term, medium-term, short-term | independent | joint | external, outside | international | private (sector), public (sector) | bridging
      You may require bridging finance until the sale of your own property is completed.
      | capital
      (= money that is paid)
      | credit, debt, loan
      (= money that is borrowed)
      | equity
      (= money from issuing shares)
      | bank
      the availability of bank finance (= bank loans)for small businesses
      | housing, mortgage


      get, obtain, raise
      She struggled to get the necessary finance for her training.
      | allocate, arrange, provide | need, require


      be available
      the finance available to local government


      company, house | sector
      The banking and finance sector was booming.


      ~ for
      Several banks are providing finance for the housing programme.


      a source of finance

      2 managing money


      the world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries)
      | company, corporate | (local) government, public, state | consumer, personal
      that most emotive of personal finance issues?taxation
      | international | capital
      (= paying money for sth)
      | credit, debt, loan
      (= borrowing money for sth)
      | equity
      (= issuing shares to get money)


      director, minister, officer
      Local government finance officers found the tax very difficult to administer.
      | committee, department 3 finances
      money available


      healthy, sound
      Our family finances are not very healthy at the moment.
      | shaky
      The company's finances are looking a bit shaky.
      | company | government, public, state | family, household, personal, private


      We don't have the finances to go on holiday this year.
      | lack | raise
      They are not sure how they will raise the finances to go on the trip.
      | deal with, handle, manage, plan, run
      how to plan your finances for a comfortable retirement
      | get/keep in order, sort out
      The company was under pressure to get its finances in order.
      | boost, improve | be a drain on, put a strain on, strain, stretch
      Buying a new car need not put a strain on your finances.


      be in a mess
      Their finances are in a mess: they plan to call in an accountant.


      the state of sb's finances
      > Special page at BUSINESS



      entirely, wholly | largely, mainly | partially, partly | privately, publicly
      The new roads will be financed privately.
      | jointly
      financed jointly by the British and French governments
      | directly | properly
      the introduction of a properly financed dog warden scheme


      help (to) | be needed to, be required to
      the £37 million needed to finance the redevelopment
      | be used to

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