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fiery /'faiəri/
  • tính từ
    • ngụt cháy, bốc cháy, bố lửa
      • a fiery sun: mặt trời đổ lửa
    • nảy lửa
      • fiery eyes: đôi mắt nảy lửa
    • mang lửa (tên đạn)
    • như lửa, như bốc lửa, nóng như lửa
    • dễ cháy, dễ bắt lửa, dễ nổ (khí)
    • cay nồng
      • a fiery taste: vị cay nồng
    • nóng nảy, dễ cáu, dễ nổi giận, hung hăng
      • fiery nature: tính nóng nảy, tính nóng như lửa; tính hung hăng
    • hăng, sôi nổi, nồng nhiệt
      • a fiery horse: con ngựa hăng
      • fiery words: những lời nói sôi nổi
    • viêm tấy (chỗ đau vết thương)
Concise Dictionary
+characterized by intense emotion
+like or suggestive of fire
+very intense

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 burning, flaming, blazing, hot, red-hot, white-hot, overheated; afire, on fire, in flames, ablaze:
Fiery lava burst from the volcano.
2 glowing, red, incandescent, brilliant, luminous, glaring, gleaming, radiant; aglow, afire:
We watched the fiery sunset fade into azure hues.
3 ardent, eager, spirited, passionate, excited, excitable, peppery, irascible, touchy, irritable, edgy, hotheaded, fierce:
I had best not be late as my boss has a fiery temper.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 looking like fire; consisting of fire: fiery red hair + The sun was now sinking, a fiery ball of light in the west.
2 quickly or easily becoming angry: a fiery temper / character + a fiery young man
3 showing strong emotions, especially anger: a fiery look + a fiery and heated meeting + He delivered the sermon with fiery passion.
4 (of food or drink) causing a part of your body to feel as if it is burning: a fiery Mexican dish + The fiery liquor burnt its way down her throat.

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