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fierce /fiəs/
  • tính từ
    • hung dữ, dữ tợn, hung tợn
      • a fierce dog: con chó dữ
    • dữ dội, mãnh liệt, ác liệt, sôi sục
      • a fierce storm: cơn bão dữ dội
      • a fierce struggle: cuộc chiến đấu dữ dội, cuộc chiến đấu ác liệt
      • a fierce sedire: sự ham muốn mãnh liệt
      • a fierce hatred: lòng căm thù sôi sục
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) hết sức khó chịu, hết sức ghê tởm, xấu hổ vô cùng
Concise Dictionary
fiercer|fiercestfɪrs /fɪəs
+marked by extreme and violent energy
+marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid
+ruthless in competition
+violently agitated and turbulent

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ferocious, savage, wild, truculent, brutish, feral, bestial, tigerish, brutal, cruel, fell, murderous, bloodthirsty, sanguinary, homicidal, barbaric, barbarous, inhuman, dangerous:
The fierce beasts will tear you limb from limb.
2 intractable, angry, furious, hostile, aggressive, vehement, frenzied, stormy, violent, turbulent, wild, tempestuous, tumultuous, raging, merciless, uncontrollable:
The old curmudgeon is in a fierce mood again today. A fierce storm raged for three days.
3 severe, awful, dreadful, intense, keen, dire, bitter, biting, racking:
Wear warm clothes to protect you from the fierce cold.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (fiercer, fiercest)
1 (especially of people or animals) angry and aggressive in a way that is frightening: a fierce dog + Who was that fierce old lady? + Two fierce eyes glared at them. + He suddenly looked fierce. + She spoke in a fierce whisper. + The more she struggled, the fiercer he became.
2 (especially of actions or emotions) showing strong feelings or a lot of activity, often in a way that is violent: fierce loyalty / hatred + the scene of fierce fighting + He launched a fierce attack on the Democrats. + Competition from abroad became fiercer in the 1990s. + His wife is his fiercest critic. + The bill was passed despite fierce opposition.
3 (of weather conditions or temperatures) very strong in a way that could cause damage: protection against the fierce wind coming in off the sea + the fierce heat of the flames
fiercely adverb: 'Let go of me,' she said fiercely. + fiercely competitive / independent / proud + They remain fiercely opposed to outside intervention. + The aircraft was burning fiercely.
fierceness noun [U]
Idioms: something fierce (AmE, spoken) very much; more than usual: I sure do miss you something fierce!

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