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feverish /'fi:vəriʃ/
  • tính từ
    • có triệu chứng sốt; hơi sốt
    • gây sốt, làm phát sốt
      • a feverish swamp: vùng đồng lầy gây bệnh sốt
      • a feverish climate: khí hậu dễ gây sốt
    • có dịch sốt (nơi)
    • xúc động bồn chồn
    • (nghĩa bóng) như phát sốt, sôi nổi
Concise Dictionary
+marked by intense agitation or emotion
+of or relating to or characterized by fever
+having or affected by a fever

Thesaurus Dictionary
inflamed, flushed, burning, fiery, hot, ardent, fervent, hot-blooded, passionate, frenzied, frantic, excited, frenetic, zealous; Pathology febrile, pyretic, pyrexic:
I was looking forward to our rendezvous with feverish excitement.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [usually before noun] showing strong feelings of excitement or worry, often with a lot of activity or quick movements: The whole place was a scene of feverish activity. + a state of feverish excitement + He worked with feverish haste. + feverish with desire / longing
2 suffering from a fever; caused by a fever: She was aching and feverish. + a feverish cold / dream / sleep
feverishly adverb: The team worked feverishly to the November deadline. + Her mind raced feverishly.

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