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feud /fju:d/
  • danh từ
    • (sử học) thái ấp, đất phong
    • mối hận thù, mối cừu hận, mối thù truyền kiếp
      • to be at deadly feud with somebody: mang mối tử thù với ai
      • to sink a feud: quên mối hận thù, giải mối hận th
Concise Dictionary
+a bitter quarrel between two parties
+carry out a feud
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 dispute, conflict, vendetta, hostility, strife, enmity, animosity, hatred, antagonism, rivalry, ill will, bad blood, hard feelings, contention, discord, grudge, dissension, disagreement, argument, quarrel, bickering, squabble, falling out, estrangement:
A silly feud broke out over whose turn it was to bring the Christmas goose.
2 dispute, quarrel, bicker, disagree, conflict, row, fight, fall out, clash, be at odds, be at daggers drawn:
The Hatfields and McCoys feuded for decades.

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