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festivity /fes'tiviti/
  • danh từ
    • sự vui mừng; sự hân hoan
    • ngày hội
    • (số nhiều) lễ
      • wedding festivities: lễ cưới
Concise Dictionary
+any joyous diversion
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rejoicing, gaiety, mirth, jubilation, conviviality, joyfulness, merriment, revelry, merrymaking, glee, jollity, jollification, felicity, Colloq Brit mafficking:
There were laughter and festivity in the air.
2 festivities. celebration(s), festival, party, fun and games, entertainment, amusement, hilarity, boisterousness, frivolity:
Come along and join the festivities at our house tonight.
Collocation Dictionary


Christmas, seasonal


join in, take part in | enjoy


during the ~
She managed to disappear during the festivities.

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