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feeling /'fi:liɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự sờ mó, sự bắt mạch
    • sự cảm thấy; cảm giác, cảm tưởng
      • a feeling of pain: cảm giác đau đớn
      • to have a feeling of safety: có cảm tưởng an toàn
    • sự cảm động, sự xúc động
      • it would be difficult for me to put into words the feelings I experienced: thật mà khó viết thành lời những sự xúc động mà tôi đã trải qua
    • sự thông cảm
    • (triết học) cảm tình
    • cảm nghĩ, ý kiến
      • the general feeling is against it: ý kiến chung là không đồng ý với vấn đề ấy
    • (nghệ thuật) cảm xúc; sức truyền cảm
    • sự nhạy cảm
      • to have a feeling for music: nhạy cảm về âm nhạc
    • (số nhiều) lòng tự ái
      • to hurt someone's feelings: chạm lòng tự ái của ai
  • tính từ
    • có cảm giác
    • có tình cảm
    • xúc cảm, cảm động
    • nhạy cảm
    • thật tình, chân thật; sâu sắc
      • a feeling pleasure: niềm vui thích chân thật
Concise Dictionary
+the experiencing of affective and emotional states
+a vague idea in which some confidence is placed
+the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people
+a physical sensation that you experience
+the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
+an intuitive understanding of something

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 (sense of) touch, sensitivity, sense, perception, sensation, sensibility:
I had no feeling in my left side.
2 intuition, idea, notion, inkling, suspicion, belief, hunch, theory, sense; premonition, hint, presentiment, sense of foreboding, sensation, impression, opinion, view; instinct, consciousness, awareness:
I have a feeling you're fooling. Do you ever have the feeling of being watched?
3 regard, sympathy, empathy, identification, compassion, tenderness, appreciation, concern, understanding, sensitivity, sensibility:
He has a genuine feeling for animals.
4 ardour, warmth, passion, fervency, fervour, ardency, intensity, heat, sentiment, emotion, vehemence:
She said she loved me with so much feeling that I thought she meant it.
5 feelings. emotions, sensitivity, sympathies, sensibilities, susceptibilities:
She hurt my feelings.
6 feel, mood, atmosphere, climate, sense, air, ambience or ambiance:
There is a feeling of impending doom about this place.
7 sentient, sensitive, tender, tender-hearted, compassionate, sympathetic:
Their behaviour did the soldiers honour as feeling men.

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