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feeding /'fi:diɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự cho ăn; sự nuôi lớn
    • sự bồi dưỡng
    • sự cung cấp (chất liệu cho máy)
    • (sân khấu), (từ lóng) sự nhắc nhau bằng vĩ bạch (giữa hai diễn viên)
    • (thể dục,thể thao) sự chuyền bóng (cho đồng đội sút làm bàn)
    • đồng cỏ
Concise Dictionary
+food for domestic livestock
+provide as food
+give food to
+feed into; supply
+introduce continuously
+support or promote
+take in food; used of animals only
+serve as food for; be the food for
+move along, of liquids
+profit from in an exploitatory manner
+provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 provision, cater or provide (for), victual, purvey, provender, supply, maintain, nurture, nourish, board, support, sustain, wine and dine:
Is there enough to feed everyone?
2 eat, devour, graze, pasture:
Cattle feed most of the day.
3 feed on or upon. subsist or survive or depend or thrive on or upon, be nourished or gratified or supported by:
Swindlers feed on others' gullibility.
4 fodder, forage, pasturage, silage, food, provender:
What kind of feed are you giving the sheep?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] the act of giving food to a person, an animal or a plant: breast / bottle feeding

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