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feasibility /,fi:zə'biliti/
  • danh từ
    • sự có thể thực hành được, sự có thể thực hiện được, sự có thể làm được
    • tính tiện lợi
    • tính có thể tin được, tính có lợi
Thesaurus Dictionary
practicability, workability, applicability, viability, practicality:
The feasibility of the scheme has yet to be assessed.
Collocation Dictionary


economic, technical


consider, discuss, examine, explore, investigate, look at, study | assess, determine, evaluate, test
a drilling project to assess the feasibility of bringing the water four miles into the village
| demonstrate | prove | doubt, express doubts about, question
Some of them doubted the feasibility of the proposal.


The local council called for a feasibility study into the new road scheme.

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