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far /fɑ:/
  • tính từ farther, further, farthest, furthest
    • xa, xa xôi, xa xăm
    • a far cry
      • (xem) cry
  • phó từ farther, further, farthest, furthest
    • xa
      • far out in the sea: xa xa ngoài biển khơi
      • far from perfect: còn xơi mới được hoàn hảo
      • far from beautiful: còn xơi mới đẹp
    • nhiều
      • far different: khác nhiều; khác xa
      • far better: tốt hơn nhiều
    • as far as
      • (xem) as
    • far and away
      • (xem) away
    • far and near
      • (xem) near
    • far and wide
      • rộng khắp, khắp mọi nơi
    • far be it from me
      • không khi nào tôi..., không đời nào tôi...
    • far be it from me to do it: không khi nào tôi làm việc đó
    • far from it
      • không chút nào
    • to go far
      • (xem) go
    • how far
      • xa bao nhiêu; tới chừng mức nào
    • [in] so far as
      • tới một chừng mức mà; dù tới một chừng mức nào
    • so far
      • tới một mức độ như vậy, xa đến như vậy
    • cho đến đây, cho đến bây giờ
      • so far so good: cho đến đây mọi việc đều tốt lành; cho đến bây giờ mọi việc đề ổn
  • danh từ
    • nơi xa; khoảng xa
      • from far: từ ở (nơi) xa
      • do you come from far?: anh ở xa tới phải không?
    • số lượng nhiều
      • by far: nhiều, bỏ xa
      • he is by far the best student in the class: anh ta là học sinh giỏi vượt các học sinh khác ở lớp nhiều
      • to surpass by far: vượt xa
Concise Dictionary
farther|furtherfɑr /fɑː
+a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again
+at a great distance in time or space or degree
+being of a considerable distance or length
+being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle
+beyond a norm in opinion or actions
+to a considerable degree; very much
+at or to or from a great distance in space
+at or to a certain point or degree
+remote in time
+to an advanced stage or point

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 afar, far-away or -off, a good or great or long way or distance off or away:
We caught sight of a sail far to the south.
2 (very) much, considerably, decidedly, incomparably:
She is a far better swimmer than George.
3 by far. (very) much, considerably, decidedly, incomparably, (im)measurably, by a long shot, far and away, clearly, plainly, obviously, doubtless(ly), indubitably, undoubtedly, definitely, beyond (the shadow of a) doubt, without a doubt, Colloq Brit by a long chalk:
She's a better swimmer than George by far. He is by far the wealthiest person I know.
4 far and wide. everywhere, near and far or far and near, extensively, widely, high and low; here, there, and everywhere:
We searched far and wide to find these specimens.
5 far gone.
(a) beyond or past help, advanced, deteriorated, worn out, dilapidated, near the end:
That shirt is too far gone to send to the laundry. My house is so far gone it's beyond repair.
(b) drunk, besotted, Slang loaded, pissed, paralytic, paralysed:
He's too far gone to walk.
6 go far.
(a) progress, advance, succeed, go places, get ahead, rise (in the world), make a name for oneself, become successful, set the world on fire, Brit set the Thames on fire, US cut a swath:
He is a very bright youngster and I'm sure he will go far in whatever profession he chooses.
(b) help, aid, contribute, play a part:
The new law will go far towards inhibiting child abuse.
7 go too far. go overboard or over the top, not know when to stop, go to extremes; exceed, overdo, overstep, transcend, go beyond:
Ambition is one thing, but he went too far when he tried to get his boss's job.
8 so far.
(a) thus far, (up) to or till or until now or the present or this point, to date, to this point in time:
So far, we have been able to keep up with the mortgage payments.
(b) to a certain extent or limit or point:
She said she would go just so far and no further.
9 (more) remote or distant, far-away, far-off; extreme, further, farther, farthest:
She claimed the ability to see into the far future. He kicked the ball to the far end of the field.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, adjective
+ adverb (farther, farthest or further, furthest)
1 ~ (from, away, below, etc.) a long distance away: We didn't go far. + Have you come far? + It's not far to the beach. + There's not far to go now. + The restaurant is not far from here. + countries as far apart as Japan and Brazil + He looked down at the traffic far below. + Far away in the distance, a train whistled. + The farther north they went, the colder it became.
Help Note: In positive sentences it is more usual to use a long way: We went a long way. + We went far. + The restaurant is a long way from here.
2 used when you are asking or talking about the distance between two places or the distance that has been travelled or is to be travelled: How far is it to your house from here? + How far is Boston from New York? + How much further is it? + We'll go by train as far as London, and then take a bus. + We didn't go as far as the others. + I'm not sure I can walk so far.
3 ~ (back / ahead)
~ (into sth) a long time from the present; for a large part of a particular period of time: The band made their first record as far back as 1980. + Let's try to plan further ahead. + We worked far into the night. + To answer that question we need to go further back in time.
4 very much; to a great degree: That's a far better idea. + There are far more opportunities for young people than there used to be. + It had been a success far beyond their expectations. + He's fallen far behind in his work. + She always gives us far too much homework.
5 used when you are asking or talking about the degree to which sth is true or possible: How far can we trust him? + His parents supported him as far as they could. + Plan your route in advance, using main roads as far as possible.
6 used to talk about how much progress has been made in doing or achieving sth: How far have you got with that report? + Half an hour later Duncan was no farther in his quest. + I read as far as the third chapter. + We've got as far as collecting our data but we haven't analysed it yet. - FARTHER
Idioms: as far as the eye can / could see to the HORIZON (= where the sky meets the land or sea): The bleak moorland stretched on all sides as far as the eye could see.
as far as I know
as far as I can remember, see, tell, etc. used to say that you think you know, remember, understand, etc. sth but you cannot be completely sure, especially because you do not know all the facts: As far as we knew, there was no cause for concern. + As far as I can see, you've done nothing wrong. + She lived in Chicago, as far as I can remember.
as / so far as I am concerned used to give your personal opinion on sth: As far as I am concerned, you can do what you like.
as / so far as sb/sth is concerned used to give facts or an opinion about a particular aspect of sth: She's doing fine as far as French is concerned, it's her German I'm worried about.
as / so far as it goes to a limited degree, usually less than is satisfactory: It's a good plan as far as it goes, but there are a lot of things they haven't thought of.
by far (used with comparative or superlative adjectives or adverbs) by a great amount: The last of these reasons is by far the most important. + Amy is the smartest by far.
carry / take sth too, etc. far to continue doing sth beyond reasonable limits
far and away (followed by comparative or superlative adjectives) by a very great amount: She's far and away the best player.
far and wide over a large area: They searched far and wide for the missing child.
far be it from me to do sth (but ...) (informal) used when you are just about to disagree with sb or to criticize them and you would like them to think that you do not really want to do this: Far be it from me to interfere in your affairs but I would like to give you just one piece of advice.
far from sth / from doing sth almost the opposite of sth or of what is expected: It is far from clear (= it is not clear) what he intends to do. + Computers, far from destroying jobs, can create employment.
far from it (informal) used to say that the opposite of what sb says is true: 'You're not angry then?' 'Far from it. I've never laughed so much in my life.'
go far (of people) to be very successful in the future: She is very talented and should go far.
go far enough (used in questions and negative sentences) to achieve all that is wanted: The new legislation is welcome but does not go far enough. + Do these measures go far enough? + (disapproving) Stop it now. The joke has gone far enough (= it has continued too long).
go so / as far as to ... to be willing to go to extreme or surprising limits in dealing with sth: I wouldn't go as far as to say that he's a liar (= but I think he may be slightly dishonest). + In June 1998 he went so far as to offer his resignation.
go too far
go this / that far to behave in an extreme way that is not acceptable: He's always been quite crude, but this time he's gone too far. + I never thought she'd go this far.
in so / as far as to the degree that: That's the truth, in so far as I know it.
not far off / out / wrong (informal) almost correct: Your guess wasn't far out at all.
not go far
1 (of money) to not be enough to buy a lot of things: Five pounds doesn't go very far these days.
2 (of a supply of sth) to not be enough for what is needed: Four bottles of wine won't go far among twenty people.
so far
thus far until now; up to this point: What do you think of the show so far? + Detectives are so far at a loss to explain the reason for his death.
so far (informal) only to a limited degree: I trust him only so far.
so far, so good (saying) used to say that things have been successful until now and you hope they will continue to do so, but you know the task, etc. is not finished yet
more at AFIELD, FEW adj., NEAR adv.
+ adjective (farther, farthest or further, furthest) [only before noun]
1 at a greater distance away from you: I saw her on the far side of the road. + at the far end of the room + They made for an empty table in the far corner.
2 at the furthest point in a particular direction: the far north of Scotland + Who is that on the far left of the photograph? + She is on the far right of the party (= holds extreme RIGHT-WING political views).
3 (old-fashioned or literary) a long distance away: a far country + Somewhere in the far regions of her mind a voice was screaming warnings.
Idioms: a far cry from sth a very different experience from sth: All this luxury was a far cry from the poverty of his childhood.

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