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fair /feə/
  • danh từ
    • hội chợ, chợ phiên
    • to come a day before (after) the fair
      • (xem) day
    • vanity fair
      • hội chợ phù hoa
  • tính từ
    • phải, đúng, hợp lý, không thiên vị, công bằng, ngay thẳng, thẳng thắn, không gian lận
      • a fair judge: quan toà công bằng
      • by fair means: bằng phương tiện chính đáng; ngay thẳng, không gian lận
      • fair play: lối chơi ngay thẳng (trong cuộc đấu); (nghĩa bóng) cách xử sự công bằng, cách xử sự ngay thẳng
    • khá, khá tốt, đầy hứa hẹn; thuận lợi, thông đồng bén giọt
      • fair weather: thời tiết tốt
    • đẹp
      • the fair sex: phái đẹp, giới phụ nữ
    • nhiều, thừa thãi, khá lớn
      • a fair heritage: một di sản khá lớn
    • có vẻ đúng, có vẻ xuôi tai; khéo
      • a fair argument: lý lẽ nghe có vẻ đúng
      • fair words: những lời nói khéo
    • vàng hoe (tóc); trắng (da)
      • fair hair: tóc vàng hoe
    • trong sạch
      • fair water: nước trong
      • fair fame: thanh danh
    • to bid fair
      • (xem) bid
    • a fair field and no favour
      • cuộc giao tranh không bên nào ở thế lợi hơn bên nào; cuộc giao tranh với lực lượng cân bằng không ai chấp ai
    • fair to middling
      • (thông tục) kha khá, tàm tạm (sức khoẻ...)
  • phó từ
    • ngay thẳng, thẳng thắn, không gian lận
      • to play fair: chơi ngay thẳng, chơi không gian lận
      • to fight fair: đánh đúng quy tắc, đánh đúng luật (quyền Anh...)
    • đúng, trúng, tốt
      • to fall fair: rơi trúng, rơi gọn, rơi tõm (vào...)
      • to strike fair in the face: đánh trúng vào mặt
    • lịch sự, lễ phép
      • to speak someone fair: nói năng lịch sự với ai
    • vào bản sạch
      • to write out fair: chép vào bản sạch
  • nội động từ
    • trở nên đẹp (thời tiết)
    • ngoại động từ
      • viết vào bản sạch, viết lại cho sạch
      • ghép vào bằng mặt, ghép cho phẳng, ghép cho đều (những phiến gỗ đóng tàu...)
    Concise Dictionary
    fairs|fairer|fairestfer /feə
    +a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc.
    +gathering of producers to promote business
    +a competitive exhibition of farm products
    +a sale of miscellany; often for charity
    +join so that the external surfaces blend smoothly
    +free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; or conforming with established standards or rules
    +showing lack of favoritism
    +not excessive or extreme
    +very pleasing to the eye
    +(of a baseball) hit between the foul lines
    +lacking exceptional quality or ability
    +attractively feminine
    +(of a manuscript) having few alterations or corrections
    +free of clouds or rain
    +(used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored
    +in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating
    +without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 impartial, even-handed, disinterested, equitable, just, unprejudiced, unbiased, objective, Colloq square:
    Judge Leaver is known for his fair decisions. We are counting on your sense of fair play.
    2 honest, above-board, honourable, lawful, trustworthy, legitimate, proper, upright, straightforward:
    He won the trophy in a fair fight.
    3 light, blond(e), fair-haired, flaxen-haired, tow-headed, tow-haired; light-complexioned, peaches and cream, rosy; unblemished, clear, spotless, immaculate:
    She has fair hair and fair skin.
    4 satisfactory, adequate, respectable, pretty good, tolerable, passable, all right, average, decent, middling, reasonable, comme ci, comme ça, not bad; mediocre, indifferent, Colloq so so, OK or okay:
    The performance was fair but not outstanding.
    5 favourable, clear, sunny, fine, dry, bright, cloudless, pleasant, halcyon, benign:
    Fair weather is promised for tomorrow's picnic.
    6 unobstructed, open, clear, free:
    Every spectator has a fair view of the football field.
    7 attractive, good-looking, handsome, comely, pretty, beautiful, pulchritudinous, lovely, beauteous:
    Faint heart never won fair lady.
    8 civil, courteous, polite, gracious, agreeable:
    She was not deceived by his fair words.
    fête, festival, kermis or kirmess, exhibition, exposition, show; market, bazaar, mart, US exhibit:
    Ashby will judge the sheep at the annual fair.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, adverb, noun
    + adjective (fairer, fairest)
    acceptable / appropriate
    1 ~ (to / on sb) acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation: a fair deal / wage / price / question + The punishment was very fair. + Was it really fair to him to ask him to do all the work? + It's not fair on the students to keep changing the timetable. + It's only fair to add that they were not told about the problem until the last minute. + It seems only fair that they should give us something in return. + I think it is fair to say that they are pleased with this latest offer. + To be fair, she behaved better than we expected. + (especially BrE) 'You should really have asked me first.' 'Right, okay, fair comment.' + In the end, a draw was a fair result. + I give you fair warning, I'm not always this generous.
    Antonym: UNFAIR
    treating people equally
    2 ~ (to sb) treating everyone equally and according to the rules or law: She has always been scrupulously fair. + demands for a fairer distribution of wealth + We have to be fair to both players. + to receive a fair trial + free and fair elections + It's not fair! He always gets more than me. + The new tax is fairer than the old system. + They are fair and decent employers. + his vision of a fairer, kinder society
    Antonym: UNFAIR
    quite large
    3 [only before noun] quite large in number, size or amount: A fair number of people came along. + a fair-sized town + We've still got a fair bit / amount (= quite a lot) to do. + My birthday's still a fair way off (= it's still a long time until my birthday).
    quite good
    4 (especially BrE) quite good: There's a fair chance that we might win this time. + It's a fair bet that they won't turn up. + I have a fair idea of what happened. + His knowledge of French is only fair.
    hair / skin
    5 pale in colour: a fair complexion + She has long fair hair. + All her children are fair (= they all have fair hair).
    6 bright and not raining: a fair and breezy day + The day was set fair with the spring sun shining down.
    7 (literary) (of winds) not too strong and blowing in the right direction: They set sail with the first fair wind.
    8 (literary or old use) beautiful: a fair maiden
    Idioms: all's fair in love and war (saying) in some situations any type of behaviour is acceptable to get what you want
    be fair! (spoken) used to tell sb to be reasonable in their judgement of sb/sth: Be fair! She didn't know you were coming.
    by fair means or foul using dishonest methods if honest ones do not work: She's determined to win, by fair means or foul.
    a fair crack of the whip (BrE, informal) a reasonable opportunity to show that you can do sth: I felt we weren't given a fair crack of the whip.
    fair enough (spoken, especially BrE) used to say that an idea or suggestion seems reasonable: 'We'll meet at 8.' 'Fair enough.' + If you don't want to come, fair enough, but let Bill know.
    (give sb) a fair hearing (to allow sb) the opportunity to give their point of view about sth before deciding if they have done sth wrong, often in a court of law: I'll see that you get a fair hearing.
    fair's fair (spoken) (BrE also fair dos / do's) used, especially as an exclamation, to say that you think that an action, decision, etc. is acceptable and appropriate because it means that everyone will be treated fairly: Fair's fair-you can't expect them to cancel everything just because you can't make it. + Come one, fair dos-you've had your chance, now let me try.
    (give sb / get) a fair shake (AmE, informal) (to give sb/get) fair treatment that gives you the same chance as sb else: Are minority students getting a fair shake at college?
    (more than) your fair share of sth (more than) an amount of sth that is considered to be reasonable or acceptable: He has more than his fair share of problems. + I've had my fair share of success in the past.
    it's a fair cop (BrE, spoken, humorous) used by sb who is caught doing sth wrong, to say that they admit that they are wrong
    + adverb
    according to the rules; in a way that is considered to be acceptable and appropriate: Come on, you two, fight fair! + They'll respect you as long as you play fair (= behave honestly).
    Idioms: fair and square (also fairly and squarely)
    1 honestly and according to the rules: We won the election fair and square.
    2 (BrE) in a direct way that is easy to understand: I told him fair and square to pack his bags.
    3 (BrE) exactly in the place you were aiming for: I hit the target fair and square.
    set fair (to do sth / for sth) (BrE) having the necessary qualities or conditions to succeed: She seems set fair to win the championship. + Conditions were set fair for stable economic development.
    more at SAY v.
    + noun
    1 (BrE also funfair) (AmE also carnival) a type of entertainment in a field or park at which people can ride on large machines and play games to win prizes: Let's take the kids to the fair. + all the fun of the fair
    2 (AmE) a type of entertainment in a field or park at which farm animals and products are shown and take part in competitions: the county / state fair
    3 (BrE) = FeTE
    4 an event at which people, businesses, etc. show and sell their goods: a world trade fair + a craft / a book / an antique fair
    animal market
    5 (BrE) (in the past) a market at which animals were sold: a horse fair
    6 job / careers ~ an event at which people who are looking for jobs can get information about companies who might employ them
    Collocation Dictionary


    be, seem | make sth
    I'll give you ten pounds each to make it fair.
    | consider sth, think sth
    I didn't think it fair that the others should be allowed to go but not me.


    scrupulously, very
    It's important to be scrupulously fair when marking the final exam paper.
    | absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally
    I don't care what he thinks. It seems perfectly fair to me. That doesn't seem quite fair.
    | hardly
    It's hardly fair that I should be working while everyone else is enjoying themselves!
    | pretty, reasonably


    to be fair
    To be fair, we hadn't really spent enough time on the job.


    That seems fair to all sides.

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