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extreme /iks'tri:m/
  • tính từ
    • ở tít đằng đầu, ở đằng cùng, xa nhất, ở tột cùng
    • vô cùng, tột bực, cùng cực, cực độ
      • extreme poverty: cảnh nghèo cùng cực
    • khác nghiệt; quá khích; cực đoan (biện pháp)
      • extreme views: quan điểm quá khích
    • (tôn giáo) cuối cùng
      • extreme unction: lễ xức dầu cuối cùng (trước khi chết)
    • an extreme case
      • một trường hợp đặc biệt
Concise Dictionary
+the furthest or highest degree of something
+the point located farthest from the middle of something
+of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity
+far beyond a norm in quantity or amount or degree; to an utmost degree
+beyond a norm in views or actions
+most distant in any direction

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unusual, uncommon, exceptional, outstanding, notable, noteworthy, abnormal, different, extraordinary, remarkable:
We experienced extreme difficulty driving home.
2 immoderate, excessive, severe, intense, acute, maximum, worst:
This equipment is made to withstand extreme arctic conditions.
3 outermost, endmost, farthest, ultimate, utmost, uttermost, remotest, last, far-off, far-away, distant, very:
She walked to the extreme end of the pier.
4 rigid, stern, severe, strict, conservative, hidebound, stiff, stringent, restrictive, constrictive, uncompromising, Draconian, harsh, drastic:
Grandfather favoured taking extreme measures against terrorists.
5 unconventional, radical, outrageous, wild, weird, bizarre, queer, outrageous, offbeat, exotic, eccentric, different, outré, Slang far-out, way-out, US and Canadian kooky:
I find your outfit too extreme to wear in public.
6 beyond the pale or limits or bounds, extravagant, inordinate, excessive, disproportionate, outrageous:
Because of your extreme behaviour, you will be confined to the house for a week.
7 Often, extremes. limit(s), bounds, utmost, maximum, Colloq swing:
Try to be more moderate and to avoid extremes.
8 Often, go to extremes. limit(s), bounds, maximum, acme, zenith, pinnacle, summit, height, apex, apogee, peak, extremity; depth, nadir:
Thea's moods varied between the extremes of joy and grief.
9 in the extreme. extremely, very, exceptionally, exceedingly, extraordinarily, unusually:
His table manners are rude in the extreme.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
1 [usually before noun] very great in degree: We are working under extreme pressure at the moment. + thousands of people living in extreme poverty + I'm having extreme difficulty in not losing my temper with her. + The heat in the desert was extreme.
2 not ordinary or usual; serious or severe: Children will be removed from their parents only in extreme circumstances. + Don't go doing anything extreme like leaving the country. + It was the most extreme example of cruelty to animals I had ever seen. + extreme weather conditions + extreme sports (= dangerous sports, for example SNOWBOARDING and BUNGEE JUMPING)
3 (of people, political organizations, opinions, etc.) far from what most people consider to be normal, reasonable or acceptable: extreme left-wing / right-wing views + an extreme nationalist organization + Their ideas are too extreme for me.
4 [only before noun] as far as possible from the centre, the beginning or in the direction mentioned: Kerry is in the extreme west of Ireland. + She sat on the extreme edge of her seat. + politicians on the extreme left of the party
+ noun
1 a feeling, situation, way of behaving, etc. that is as different as possible from another or is opposite to it: extremes of love and hate + He used to be very shy, but now he's gone to the opposite extreme (= changed from one extreme kind of behaviour to another).
2 the greatest or highest degree of sth: extremes of cold, wind or rain + the climatic extremes of the mountains
Idioms: go, etc. to extremes
take sth to extremes to act or be forced to act in a way that is far from normal or reasonable: It's embarrassing the extremes he'll go to in order to impress his boss. + Taken to extremes, this kind of behaviour can be dangerous. + In the jungle they were driven to extremes in order to survive.
in the extreme (formal) to a great degree: The journey would be dangerous in the extreme.
Collocation Dictionary


opposite, polar
Their views are at opposite extremes from each other.
| climatic, political, temperature
It's a difficult place to live because of its climatic extremes.


Avoid any extremes of emotional behaviour.
| go to
He went to the extreme of adulation, describing Churchill as the greatest man who ever lived.
| carry sth to, take sth to
It's foolish to take any dieting to extremes.


at an/the
At the extreme, some nuclear waste is so radioactive it has to be kept isolated for thousands of years.
| between ~s
There has to be a solution between these extremes.
| in the ~
His voice was scornful in the extreme.
| to the ~
She was always kindly and generous to the extreme.
| ~s of
These photographs show extremes of obesity and emaciation.


at one extreme, at the other extreme
At the other extreme, women still childless at 32 were more likely to be from a professional background.
| go from one extreme to the other
She goes from one extreme to the other, and either works very hard or does absolutely nothing.



be, seem, sound | become


very | a bit, fairly, a little, quite, rather, somewhat
Some of his views seem rather extreme.
| dangerously | politically


at its most extreme
This is hero-worship at its most extreme.

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