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extraordinary /iks'trɔ:dnri/
  • tính từ
    • lạ thường, khác thường; to lớn lạ thường
    • đặc biệt
      • envoy extraordinary: công sự đặc mệnh
Concise Dictionary
+beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
+far more than usual or expected
+(of an official) serving an unusual or special function in addition to those of the regular officials

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unusual, uncommon, remarkable, exceptional, particular, outstanding, special, rare, unique, singular, signal, unheard-of, curious, peculiar, odd, bizarre, queer, strange, abnormal, unprecedented, unparalleled:
She showed extraordinary courage in coming here.
2 amazing, surprising, astonishing, astounding, remarkable, notable, noteworthy, marvellous, fantastic, incredible, unbelievable, impressive, fabulous, miraculous, unparalleled, Colloq super, smashing, lovely, gorgeous, Slang far-out, unreal:
This is an extraordinary example of the bookbinder's art.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 unexpected, surprising or strange: It's extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party. + What an extraordinary thing to say! + The president took the extraordinary step of apologizing publicly for his behaviour!
2 not normal or ordinary; greater or better than usual: an extraordinary achievement + She was a truly extraordinary woman. + They went to extraordinary lengths to explain their behaviour.
3 [only before noun] (formal) (of a meeting, etc.) arranged for a special purpose and happening in addition to what normally or regularly happens: An extraordinary meeting was held to discuss the problem.
4 (following nouns) (technical) (of an official) employed for a special purpose in addition to the usual staff: an envoy extraordinary
extraordinarily adverb: He behaves extraordinarily for someone in his position. + extraordinarily difficult + She did extraordinarily well.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | make sth
What makes it so extraordinary is that the experts had all dismissed her theories as rubbish.
| find sth
I find her attitude quite extraordinary.
| regard sth as, see sth as


most, really, truly | absolutely, altogether, quite
It seems altogether extraordinary.
| rather

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