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extra /'ekstrə/
  • tính từ
    • thêm, phụ, ngoại
    • thượng hạng, đặc biệt
    • phó từ
      • thêm, phụ, ngoại
        • to work extra: làm việc thêm ngoài
      • hơn thường lệ, đặc biệt
      • danh từ
        • cái phụ, cái thêm; món phải trả thêm
        • bài nhảy thêm
        • (điện ảnh) vai phụ, vai cho có mặt
        • đợt phát hành đặc biệt (báo)
      Concise Dictionary
      +a minor actor in crowd scenes
      +an additional edition of a newspaper (usually to report a crisis)
      +something additional of the same kind
      +more than is needed, desired, or required
      +added to a regular schedule
      +further or added
      +unusually or exceptionally
      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 additional, added, auxiliary, accessory, supplementary, supplemental, further, ancillary, subsidiary, collateral, adventitious:
      We had an extra person for dinner. Zenobia has an extra toe on each foot.
      2 leftover, excess, spare, surplus, unused, superfluous, supernumerary, reserve:
      After all were served, we had two extra desserts.
      3 addition, addendum, accessory, appurtenance, supplement, bonus, premium, dividend:
      As an extra, each customer receives a free ball-point pen.
      4 supplement, US mark-up, surcharge, Slang US and Canadian kicker:
      There is an extra if you want bread and butter.
      5 supernumerary, walk-on, Colloq super, spear-carrier:
      One could scarcely call being an extra a 'Hollywood career'.
      6 uncommonly, unusually, exceptionally, unexpectedly, extraordinarily, remarkably, notably, surprisingly, amazingly, very, particularly, especially, extremely, strikingly:
      Teacher said that Philip was extra good today.
      7 additionally, again, more, in addition:
      They charge extra for room service.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      adjective, noun, adverb
      + adjective
      more than is usual, expected, or than exists already
      Synonym: ADDITIONAL
      Breakfast is provided at no extra charge. + The conference is going to be a lot of extra work. + an extra pint of milk + The government has promised an extra £1 billion for health care. + Take extra care on the roads this evening. + The play is to run for an extra week! + extra help for single parents
      See also - EXTRA TIME
      + noun
      1 a thing that is added to sth that is not usual, standard or necessary and that costs more: The monthly fee is fixed and there are no hidden extras (= unexpected costs). + While I was saving I had no money for little extras or luxuries. + (BrE) Music is an optional extra (= a thing you can choose to have or not, but must pay more for if you have it) at our school.
      2 a person who is employed to play a very small part in a film/movie, usually as a member of a crowd: We need hundreds of extras for the battle scenes.
      + adverb
      1 in addition; more than is usual, expected or exists already: to charge / pay / cost extra + We don't charge extra for the activities-everything is included in the admission fee. + I need to earn a bit extra this month. + The rate for a room is £30, but breakfast is extra. + Now even bigger! Ten per cent extra!
      2 (with an adjective or adverb) more than usually: You need to be extra careful not to make any mistakes. + an extra large T-shirt + She tried extra hard. + Do you have this sweatshirt in an extra large size? + He wanted to cook something extra special for dinner that night.
      Collocation Dictionary


      There was no money left over for luxuries or little extras.
      | optional | hidden
      £400 is a lot to pay for a weekend break, but there are no hidden extras.
      | added
      Regular guests also get added extras like free room service.

      EXTRA + VERB

      include sth
      Optional extras include anti-lock brakes and an electric sunroof.

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