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expel /iks'pel/
  • ngoại động từ
    • trục xuất, đuổi, làm bật ra, tống ra
      • to be expelled [from] the school: bị đuổi ra khỏi trường
Concise Dictionary
+force to leave or move out
+put out or expel from a place
+remove from a position or office
+cause to flee
+eliminate (substances) from the body

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 eject, dislodge, throw or cast out, drive or force out, evict, put or push out, remove, run (someone) off or out, displace, dispossess, show the door, suspend, dismiss, let go, Colloq fire, Brit sack, turf out:
They will expel the tenant at the earliest opportunity.
2 banish, deport, exile, expatriate, outlaw, maroon; proscribe, ban, bar, debar, dismiss, exclude, blackball, drum out, cashier, discharge, oust:
The leader of the opposition was expelled from the country. The committee voted to expel Horace from the club.

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