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exhibition /,eksi'biʃn/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc triển lãm cuộc trưng bày
    • sự phô bày, sự trưng bày
    • sự bày tỏ, sự biểu lộ
    • sự thao diễn
    • học bổng
    • to make an exhibition of oneself
      • dở trò dơ dáng dại hình
Concise Dictionary
+the act of exhibiting
+a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display

Thesaurus Dictionary
exposition, fair, show(ing), display, demonstration, presentation, offering, US exhibit, Colloq expo, demo:
The craft exhibition will be held at the civic centre.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (especially BrE) (AmE usually exhibit) [C] a collection of things, for example works of art, that are shown to the public: Have you seen the Picasso exhibition? + an exhibition of old photographs + an exhibition catalogue / centre / hall
2 [U] ~ of sth the act of showing sth, for example works of art, to the public: She refused to allow the exhibition of her husband's work.
3 [sing.] an ~ of sth the act of showing a skill, a feeling, or a kind of behaviour: We were treated to an exhibition of the footballer's speed and skill. + an appalling exhibition of bad manners
4 [C] (BrE) an amount of money that is given as a prize to a student
Idioms: make an exhibition of yourself (disapproving) to behave in a bad or stupid way in public: I'm afraid Frank got drunk and made an exhibition of himself.
Collocation Dictionary


big, large | small | important, major
a major exhibition of the painter's work
| annual, summer | international, local | private, public |
permanent | changing, special,
The library has a policy of mounting changing exhibitions. There is a series of special exhibitions throughout the year.
| touring, travelling
a touring exhibition of Impressionist drawings
| collaborative, joint | one-man, one-person, one-woman, solo
By 1914 Picasso had held one-man exhibitions in England, Germany and Spain.
| retrospective | art, craft, photographic, etc. | trade
the international food trade exhibition in Cologne


have, hold, host
The museum hosted a big exhibition of her work last year.
| house
The old factory has been converted to house an exhibition.
| attend, go to, see, visit | arrange, organize, plan | display, mount, present, put on, show, stage
They plan to stage an art exhibition in a nearby town.
| launch, open
The mayor will open the exhibition next week.
| sponsor | go on
The Mappa Mundi will go on permanent exhibition at Hereford Cathedral.


The exhibition opens at the Tate Gallery in July.
| close, end | be on, be on view, run, take place
The exhibition runs from 11 April to 5 July.
| continue | move (on) to
The exhibition moves on to the National Gallery, Washington, next month.
| be called sth, be entitled sth | comprise sth, cover sth, feature sth, include sth, show sth
The exhibition includes drawings by Rembrandt.
| illustrate sth, trace sth
an exhibition illustrating the history and development of the university
| be dedicated to sb/sth, be devoted to sb/sth
an exhibition devoted to female painters


centre, gallery, hall, venue | space
The new wing will provide 20,000 more square feet of exhibition space.
| stand
Hundreds of firms had exhibition stands.
| catalogue | programme
the gallery's exhibition programme for next year


on ~
A selection of her paintings is on exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery.
| ~ of
an exhibition of contemporary art
| ~ on
an exhibition on local history

More information about ART WORKS


of art a piece/work of art
Michelangelo's Pietà is a magnificent work of art.

collect ~
She collects Jacobean portraits.

display, exhibit, show ~
The works will be displayed in the new wing of the museum.

~ be (put) on display/exhibition/show ~ go on display/exhibition/show
paintings put on show for the first time The photographs are on exhibition until the end of September.

house ~
An annexe was built to house the sculptures.

a series of ~
a series of paintings by Van Gogh

a collection/exhibition of ~
an exhibition of early 20th century French masterpieces

an art/photographic/photography exhibition
The open art exhibition will allow new artists to exhibit their work.

by ~
a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

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