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exhausted /ig'zɔ:stid/
  • tính từ
    • đã rút hết không khí (bóng đèn...)
    • kiệt sức, mệt lử
    • bạc màu (đất)
Concise Dictionary
+gases ejected from an engine as waste products
+system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged
+wear out completely
+use up (resources or materials)
+use up the whole supply of
+create a vacuum in (a bulb, flask, reaction vessel)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 (dead) tired, fatigued, weary, wearied, worn out, enervated, debilitated, overtired, weak, weakened, prostrate, worn or fagged or played or burnt-out, spent, all in, out on one's feet, Colloq dog-tired, dead (on one's feet), wiped out, drained, knocked out, all in, done in, frazzled, Slang (dead) beat, Brit knackered, US and Canadian pooped:
I must sleep: I'm exhausted.
2 empty, emptied, bare; depleted, consumed, done, gone, at an end, finished:
Our supply of paper-clips is exhausted.
3 spent, worn out, depleted, impoverished, poor, infertile, barren:
It is impossible to grow anything in this exhausted soil.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 very tired: I'm exhausted! + to feel completely / utterly exhausted + The exhausted climbers were rescued by helicopter.
2 completely used or finished: You cannot grow crops on exhausted land.
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get | leave sb
The row had left him physically exhausted.


really | absolutely, completely, quite, thoroughly, totally, utterly
He fell into bed utterly exhausted.
| pretty, rather | emotionally, financially, mentally, physically
financially exhausted countries


I was exhausted from the day's work.

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