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exclude /iks'klu:d/
  • ngoại động từ
    • không cho (ai...) vào (một nơi nào...); không cho (ai...) hưởng (quyền...)
    • ngăn chận
    • loại trừ
    • đuổi tống ra, tống ra
      • to exclude somebody from a house: đuổi ai ra khỏi nhà
Concise Dictionary
+prevent from being included or considered or accepted
+prevent from entering; shut out
+lack or fail to include
+prevent from entering; keep out
+put out or expel from a place

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Often, exclude from. keep out or away, lock or shut out, ban, bar, debar, prohibit, interdict, forbid, proscribe, deny, refuse, disallow:
Women are excluded from participating in certain religious ceremonies. Must we exclude Maria, too?
2 eliminate, leave out, reject, omit, except, preclude, repudiate, count out:
Exclude them from consideration as candidates.
3 eject, evict, expel, oust, get rid of, remove, throw out, Colloq toss out, Slang bounce:
He was excluded from the club because of his behaviour.
Advanced English Dictionary
not including: Lunch costs £10 per person, excluding drinks.

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