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excitement /ik'saitmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự kích thích, sự kích động; tình trạng bị kích thích, tình trạng bị kích động
    • sự nhộn nhịp, sự náo động, sự sôi nổi
Concise Dictionary
+the feeling of lively and cheerful joy
+the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up
+something that agitates and arouses
+disturbance usually in protest

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 restlessness, disquiet, disquietude, tension, agitation, unrest, malaise, discomfort, jumpiness, nervousness, freneticness, excitation:
He had to give the patient an injection to quell her excitement.
2 perturbation, upset, action, ado, activity, ferment, furore or US furor, turmoil, tumult, to-do, stir, commotion, hubbub, brouhaha, fuss, hurly-burly, Colloq fireworks:
The robbery caused a lot of excitement at the bank.
3 animation, eagerness, enthusiasm, exhilaration, ebullience:
She could hardly contain her excitement at winning the lottery.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the state of feeling excited: The news caused great excitement among her friends. + to feel a surge / thrill / shiver of excitement + He was flushed with excitement at the thought. + There was a note of excitement in his voice. + The dog leapt and wagged its tail in excitement. + In her excitement she dropped her glass.
2 [C] (formal) something that you find exciting: The new job was not without its excitements.
Collocation Dictionary


considerable, fierce, great, high, intense, tremendous | breathless, febrile, feverish, heady, wild | genuine, real, sheer | initial | sudden | growing, heightened, mounting | added, further | suppressed | nervous, restless | guilty | pleasurable | strange | vicarious
The reader of adventure stories wants romance and vicarious excite
| youthful | intellectual, physical, political, sexual


flicker, flurry, flush, frisson, ripple, surge
She felt a surge of excitement when she heard the song.


be bubbling with, be filled with, be flushed with, be sick with, be trembling/tingling with, feel
Her face was flushed with excitement. She was almost sick with excitement and apprehension.
| cause, generate
The news caused tremendous excitement among scientists.
| conceal, control, hide, suppress
He couldn't suppress the excitement in his voice.
| add
The element of risk just adds excitement.


build up, grow, mount, rise
The tension and excitement built up gradually all day.
| die down, evaporate, wear off


in ~
clapping her hands in excitement
| ~ among
The news has caused great excitement among scientists.
| ~ at
her excitement at the prospect of a new job
| ~ of
the excitement of meeting new people


an air of excitement
There was an air of excitement about the place.
| a feeling/sense of excitement, a fever/state of excitement

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