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excepting /ik'septiɳ/
  • giới từ (dùng sau without, not, always)
    • trừ, không kể
      • not even excepting women and children: ngay cả đàn bà và trẻ con cũng không kể
  • liên từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) trừ phi
Concise Dictionary
+take exception to
+prevent from being included or considered or accepted

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Sometimes except for. excepting, save, but, excluding, exclusive of, barring, bar, with the exception of, omitting, not counting, apart from, but for, other than, saving:
There was no one there except us. Except for us, no one came.
2 except that. except or but (for the fact) that, but, save that:
He would have gone except that he has no car.
3 exclude, omit, leave out, excuse:
As usual, the wealthy were excepted from the tax increase.

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