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every /'evri/
  • tính từ
    • mỗi, mọi
    • every man Jack
      • mọi người
    • every now and then; every now and again; every so often
      • thỉnh thoảng
    • every other day; every second day
      • hai ngày một lần
Concise Dictionary
+each and all of a series of entities or intervals as specified
+(used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception

Advanced English Dictionary
1 used with singular nouns to refer to all the members of a group of things or people: She knows every student in the school. + I could hear every word they said. + We enjoyed every minute of our stay. + Every day seemed the same to him. + Every single time he calls, I'm out. + They were watching her every movement. + Every one of their CDs has been a hit. - EACH
2 all possible: We wish you every success. + He had every reason to be angry.
3 used to say how often sth happens or is done: The buses go every 10 minutes. + We had to stop every few miles. + One in every three marriages ends in divorce. + He has every third day off (= he works for two days then has one day off then works for two days and so on). + We see each other every now and again. + Every now and then he regretted his decision.
Idioms: every other each ALTERNATE one (= the first, third, fifth, etc. one, but not the second, fourth, sixth, etc.): They visit us every other week.

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