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event /i'vent/
  • danh từ
    • sự việc, sự kiện
    • sự kiện quan trọng
    • (thể dục,thể thao) cuộc đấu, cuộc thi
    • trường hợp, khả năng có thể xảy ra
      • in the event of success: trong trường hợp thành công
      • at all events; in any event: trong bất kỳ trường hợp nào
    • kết quả, hậu quả
Concise Dictionary
+something that happens at a given place and time
+a special set of circumstances
+a phenomenon located at a single point in space-time; the fundamental observational entity in relativity theory
+a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 occurrence, happening, incident, episode, occasion, circumstance, affair, experience:
An event then took place that changed the course of his life.
2 issue, outcome, consequence, result, conclusion, upshot, end, effect:
There is no merit in preparing for a disaster after the event.
3 at all events or in any event. come what may, in any case, at any rate, regardless, anyhow, anyway:
At all events, we were ready and waiting when the raid started.
4 in the event. in the reality or actuality, as it or things turned out, at the time, when it happened:
In the event, we left as soon as we could.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a thing that happens, especially sth important: The election was the main event of 1999. + In the light of later events the decision was proved right. + The decisions we take now may influence the course of events (= the way things happen) in the future. + He found that the report he had written had been overtaken by events (= it was no longer RELEVANT). + Everyone was frightened by the strange sequence of events. + The police have reconstructed the chain of events leading to the murder. + In the normal course of events (= if things had happened as expected) she would have gone with him. + an unfortunate series of events
2 a planned public or social occasion: a fund-raising event + the social event of the year
3 one of the races or competitions in a sports programme: The 800 metres is the fourth event of the afternoon.
Idioms: in any event
at all events used to emphasize or show that sth is true or will happen in spite of other circumstances: I think she'll agree to do it but in any event, all she can say is 'no'.
in the event when the situation actually happened: I got very nervous about the exam, but in the event, I needn't have worried; it was really easy.
in the event of sth
in the event that sth happens if sth happens: In the event of an accident, call this number. + Sheila will inherit everything in the event of his death.
in that event if that happens: In that event, we will have to reconsider our offer.
more at HAPPY, WISE adj.
event / occurrence / incident / happening
All these words describe something that happens.
An event is often something important or interesting: I'll never forget the terrible events of that summer. It can refer to something such as a concert, festival or sports competition:
The tourist guide lists the major events in the town throughout the year.

Occurrence is a formal word and is usually used, with words like common or rare, to talk about how often something happens: Divorce has become a common occurrence in this country.
An incident is often something not very important but that you remember because it is unusual or unpleasant: The movie is based on a real-life incident. It can also refer to a crime or an accident:
The police reported several thefts and one violent incident.

Happening is used to describe something unusual or strange: strange happenings in the town.
Collocation Dictionary

1 sth that happens


big, great, historic, important, key, main, major, momentous, significant
Tonight's programme looks back at the main events of the year.
| dramatic, remarkable | happy | sad, tragic, traumatic | rare
Outside big cities, murder is a rare event.
| subsequent
Subsequent events proved him wrong.
| historical, political


When the ship finally reached land, only a few of the crew were left to witness the event.
| record
We had a huge party, and hired a photographer to record the event.
| celebrate, commemorate, mark
Today is the hospital's fiftieth anniversary, and there will be a party to mark the event.


happen, occur, take place, unfold
TV viewers watched in horror as events unfolded.
| lead to sth
These events quickly led to confusion.
| lead up to sth
The police are trying to establish a picture of events leading up to the killing.


a chain/sequence/series of events, the course of events
Would it have been possible to change the course of events?

2 planned social occasion


big, important, main, major, special | popular | prestigious
The Birmingham meeting is one of the most prestigious events in the racing calendar.
| inaugural | annual, regular | forthcoming
Forthcoming events are listed on the back page of the local newspaper.
| fund-raising, musical, social, sporting middle-distance, sprint


enter (for), take part in
A record number of teams have entered the event.
| win


take place
The team events will take place later this week.


in an/the ~
African runners swept the medals in the distance events.


hold, organize, stage
The event will be held in the grounds of the manor house.
| publicize | attend, support
I would like to thank everyone who attended our charity evening for supporting the event.
| boycott
Several leading players boycotted the event in protest at the reduced prize money.


take place

3 race/competition


big, main
This race will be the main event of the afternoon.
| individual, team | men's, women's | field, track | jumping, running, throwing | distance, long-distance,

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