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ethnic /'eθnik/ (ethnical) /'eθnikəl/
  • tính từ
    • thuộc dân tộc, thuộc tộc người
    • không theo tôn giáo nào, vô thần
Concise Dictionary
+a person who is a member of an ethnic group
+denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people
+not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 connected with or belonging to a nation, race or tribe that shares a cultural tradition: ethnic groups / communities + ethnic strife / tensions / violence (= between people from different races or tribes) + ethnic Albanians living in Germany + The country is divided along ethnic lines.
2 typical of a country or culture that is very different from modern western culture and therefore interesting for people in western countries: ethnic clothes / jewellery / cooking
ethnically adverb: an ethnically divided region

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