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  • ước lượng, sự đánh giá
  • e. of error sự đánh giá sai số
  • e. of the order sư đánh giá bậc (sai số)
  • efficiency e. (thống kê) sự ước lượng hữu hiệu
  • error e. sự đánh giá sai số
  • interval e. (thống kê) sự ước lượng khoảng
  • point e. (toán kinh tế) sự ước lượng điểm
  • sequetial e. sự ước lượng liên tiếp
  • simultaneous e.(thống kê) sự ước lượng đồng thời
Concise Dictionary
+an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth
+a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)
+the respect with which a person is held
+a judgment of the qualities of something or somebody

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 opinion, judgement, view, (way of) thinking, mind:
In my estimation, the scheme will fail.
2 esteem, regard, respect, admiration:
Her estimation of his talent is unflagging.
3 estimate, approximation, guess, gauge:
You must make an estimation of the value for insurance purposes.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (formal)
1 [sing.] a judgement or opinion about the value or quality of sb/sth: Who is the best candidate in your estimation? + Since he left his wife he's certainly gone down in my estimation (= I have less respect for him). + She went up in my estimation (= I have more respect for her) when I discovered how much charity work she does.
2 [C] a judgement about the levels or quantity of sth: Estimations of our total world sales are around 50 million.
Collocation Dictionary


go up in, rise in
He went up in my estimation when I heard about his charity work.
| go down in


in sb's ~
In my estimation, you've done a good job.

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