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erupt /i'rʌpt/
  • nội động từ
    • phun (núi lửa)
    • nổ ra (chiến tranh...)
    • nhú lên, mọc (răng)
Concise Dictionary
+start abruptly
+erupt or intensify suddenly
+start to burn or burst into flames
+break out
+become active and spew forth lava and rocks
+force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up
+appear on the skin
+become raw or open

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 eject, discharge, expel, emit, burst forth or out, blow up, explode, spew forth or out, break out, spout, vomit (up or forth), throw up or off, spit out or up, belch (forth), gush:
The volcano erupted ash and lava.
2 appear, come out, break out:
A boil erupted on his chin.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 when a VOLCANO erupts or burning rocks, smoke, etc. erupt or are erupted, the burning rocks are thrown out from the volcano: [V] The volcano could erupt at any time. + Ash began to erupt from the crater. + [VN] An immense volume of rocks and molten lava was erupted.
2 [V] ~ (into sth) to start happening, suddenly and violently
Synonym: BREAK OUT
Violence erupted outside the embassy gates. + The unrest erupted into revolution.
3 ~ (in / into sth) to suddenly express your feelings very strongly, especially by shouting loudly: [V] My father just erupted into fury. + When Davis scored for the third time the crowd erupted. [also V speech]
4 [V] (of spots, etc.) to suddenly appear on your skin: A rash had erupted all over his chest and arms.
eruption noun [C, U]: a major volcanic eruption + an eruption of violent protest + skin rashes and eruptions
Collocation Dictionary


the volcano which erupted violently last month
| suddenly
His anger suddenly erupted into furious shouting.


threaten to


violence that threatened to erupt into a full-scale war

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