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error /'erə/
  • danh từ
    • sự sai lầm, sự sai sót, lỗi; ý kiến sai lầm; tình trạng sai lầm
      • to commit (make) an error: phạm sai lầm, mắc lỗi
      • in error: vì lầm lẫn
    • (kỹ thuật) sai số; độ sai
    • sự vi phạm
    • (rađiô) sự mất thích ứng
Concise Dictionary
+a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
+inadvertent incorrectness
+a misconception resulting from incorrect information
+(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed
+departure from what is ethically acceptable
+(computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer
+part of a statement that is not correct

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 mistake, inaccuracy, fault, flaw, blunder, slip, gaffe; misprint, typographical error, erratum, solecism; Brit literal, Colloq slip-up, goof, clanger, fluff, boo-boo, howler, Brit bloomer, Slang foul-up, boner, Brit boob:
I cannot accept a report so full of errors.
2 sin, transgression, trespass, offence, indiscretion, wrongdoing, misconduct, iniquity, evil, wickedness, flagitiousness:
He seems to have seen the error of his ways.
3 in error.
(a) wrong, mistaken, incorrect, at fault:
She was in error about the date of the conference.
(b) mistakenly, incorrectly, by mistake, erroneously:
I caught the earlier train in error.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[C, U] ~ in sth / in doing sth a mistake, especially one that causes problems or affects the result of sth: No payments were made last week because of a computer error. + There are too many errors in your work. + I think you have made an error in calculating the total. + A simple error of judgement meant that there was not enough food to go around. + an error message (= one that tells you sth is wrong in a computer program) on the screen + a grave error (= a very serious mistake) + The delay was due to human error (= a mistake made by a person rather than by a machine). + The computer system was switched off in error (= by mistake). + There is no room for error in this job. + Almost all accidents start with a simple error by the pilot.
Idioms: see, realize, etc. the error of your ways (formal or humorous) to realize or admit that you have done sth wrong and decide to change your behaviour
more at TRIAL n.
Collocation Dictionary


fundamental, glaring, grave, great, major, monumental, serious
The report contained some glaring errors.
| fatal
He made the fatal error of borrowing more than he could pay back.
| minor, small | embarrassing, unfortunate | past
The ability to learn from past errors is vital in business.
| common | grammatical, spelling, typing | factual | tactical
The Kenyan athlete made a tactical error in starting too fast.
| administrative, clerical | human, pilot
The plane crash was caused by human error, not mechanical failure.


commit, make
He had committed a grave error in letting them see the document. She made several serious errors during the race.
| contain
The document contained a lot of typing errors.
| detect, discover, find, spot
I found several factual errors in the report.
| point out
The error was pointed out to her by one of her colleagues.
| realize
I only realized my error when it was too late.
| avoid
She has avoided the common error of writing too much.
| correct, rectify
Glasses can correct most errors in your vision.
| compound
The paper accidentally printed the victim's address, then compounded their error by printing her name the next day.


arise (from sth), occur
errors arising from inadequate information


detection | correction | message
An error message comes up when I try to open the program.


in ~
The machine had been switched off in error (= by mistake).
| ~ in
He checked his letter for errors in spelling. He realized his error in not attending the funeral.
| ~ of
The speech contained many errors of fact.


a comedy of errors
His attempts to arrange a party ended up as a comedy of errors.
| an error of judgement
The minister had made an amazing error of judgement.
| a margin of error
The margin of error for a racing driver is tiny.

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