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equivalent /i'kwivələnt/
  • tính từ
    • tương đương
    • danh từ
      • vật tương đương, từ tương đương
      • (kỹ thuật) đương lượng
    Concise Dictionary
    +a person or thing equal to another in value or measure or force or effect or significance etc
    +the atomic weight of an element that has the same combining capacity as a given weight of another element; the standard is 8 for oxygen
    +equal in amount or value
    +being essentially equal to something

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 tantamount, commensurate, alike, similar, close, comparable, corresponding, interchangeable, equal, synonymous, of a piece or a kind:
    He didn't really believe that women's rights should be equivalent to men's.
    2 match, equal, peer, counterpart, twin:
    The garage could not supply the same part but they offered an equivalent.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, noun
    + adjective
    ~ (to sth) equal in value, amount, meaning, importance, etc: Eight kilometres is roughly equivalent to five miles. + 250 grams or an equivalent amount in ounces + The new regulation was seen as equivalent to censorship.
    equivalence noun [U] (formal): There is no straightforward equivalence between economic progress and social well-being.
    + noun
    ~ (of / to sth) a thing, amount, word, etc. that is equivalent to sth else: Send £20 or the equivalent in your own currency. + Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human equivalent of BSE + The 'Gymnasium' is the closest equivalent to the grammar school in England. + Is there a French word that is the exact equivalent of the English word 'home'? + Breathing such polluted air is the equivalent of (= has the same effect as) smoking ten cigarettes a day.
    Collocation Dictionary


    direct, exact, nearest
    the nearest equivalent we have to a carnival
    | approximate | modern
    the modern equivalent of the village inn
    | American, British, etc.


    a word which has no direct equivalent in English


    ~ for
    There is no exact male equivalent for witches.
    | ~ in
    It is the approximate equivalent in height to the Matterhorn.
    | ~ of
    This qualification is the equivalent of a degree.
    | ~ to
    This concert hall has been described as the American equivalent to London's Albert Hall.



    be, seem | become


    exactly, precisely | almost, closely, essentially, practically | approximately, broadly, more or less, roughly
    the price we would pay elsewhere for a broadly equivalent house


    in, to
    These first computers were equivalent in power to a modern calculator.

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