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equate /i'kweit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cân bằng, san bằng
    • coi ngang, đặt ngang hàng
    • (toán học) đặt thành phương trình
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[VN] ~ sth (with sth) to think that sth is the same as sth else or is as important: Some parents equate education with exam success. + I don't see how you can equate the two things.
Phrasal Verbs: equate to sth to be equal to sth else: A $5 000 raise equates to 25%.
Collocation Dictionary


The constellations in the night sky cannot be directly equated with the heroes of Greek mythology.
| roughly | simply | crudely
crudely equating happiness with a high income


can/cannot, could/could not | be difficult to, be hard to
It's hard to equate this gentle woman with the monster portrayed in the newspapers.


We are taught to equate beauty with success.

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