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equal /'i:kwəl/
  • tính từ
    • ngang, bằng
    • ngang sức (cuộc đấu...)
    • đủ sức, đủ khả năng; đáp ứng được
      • to be equal to one's responsibility: có đủ khả năng làm tròn nhiệm vụ của mình
      • to be equal to the occasion: có đủ khả năng đối phó với tình hình
      • to be equal to someone's expectation: đáp ứng được sự mong đợi của ai
    • bình đẳng
    • danh từ
      • người ngang hàng, người ngang tài ngang sức
      • (số nhiều) vật ngang nhau, vật bằng nhau
      • ngoại động từ
        • bằng, ngang, sánh kịp, bì kịp
      Concise Dictionary
      +a person who is of equal standing with another in a group
      +be identical or equivalent to
      +be equal to in quality or ability
      +make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching
      +well matched; having the same quantity, value, or measure as another
      +equal in amount or value

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 identical, the same (as), interchangeable, one and the same, coequal, selfsame; like, alike, tantamount, similar (to), equivalent, commensurate:
      This year's sales figures are equal to last year's.
      2 uniform, regular, corresponding, correspondent, congruent, congruous, (evenly) balanced, (evenly) matched, matching; equivalent, even; commensurate, comparable, proportionate, (evenly) proportioned, harmonious, symmetrical; Colloq fifty-fifty, Brit level pegging, US even Steven:
      Women are entitled to equal employment opportunities. The scores are equal.
      3 equal to. up to, capable of, fit(ted) or suited or suitable for, adequate for, Archaic or literary sufficient unto:
      Are you sure that Renwick is equal to the responsibility?
      4 peer, colleague, fellow, brother, mate, counterpart, equivalent, alter ego, compeer:
      Constance is certainly anyone's equal in intelligence.
      5 match, meet, even, correspond (to), square (with), tally (with), tie (with), parallel, come up to; rival:
      He will never be able to equal the world record.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      adjective, noun, verb
      + adjective
      1 ~ (to sb/sth) the same in size, quantity, value, etc. as sth else: There is an equal number of boys and girls in the class. + One unit of alcohol is equal to half a pint of beer. + two pieces of wood equal in length / of equal length + An area of forest equal to the size of Wales has been destroyed.
      Help Note: You can use exactly, precisely, approximately, etc. with equal in this meaning.
      2 having the same rights or being treated the same as other people, without differences such as race, religion or sex being considered: equal rights / pay + The company has an equal opportunities policy (= gives the same chances of employment to everyone). + the desire for a more equal society (= in which everyone has the same rights and chances)
      Help Note: You can use more with equal in this meaning.
      3 ~ to sth (formal) having the necessary strength, courage and ability to deal with sth successfully: I hope that he proves equal to the challenge.
      See also - EQUALLY
      Idioms: on equal terms (with sb) having the same advantages and disadvantages as sb else: Can our industry compete on equal terms with its overseas rivals?
      more at THING
      + noun
      a person or thing of the same quality or with the same status, rights, etc. as another: She treats the people who work for her as her equals. + Our cars are the equal of those produced anywhere in the world.
      Idioms: be without equal
      have no equal (formal) to be better than anything else or anyone else of the same type: He is a player without equal. + As a family holiday destination, the seaside has no equal.
      more at FIRST n.
      + verb (-ll-, AmE -l-)
      1 linking verb [V-N] to be the same in size, quantity, value, etc. as sth else: 2x plus y equals 7 (2x+y=7) + A metre equals 39.38 inches.
      2 [VN] to be as good as sth else or do sth to the same standard as sb else: This achievement is unlikely ever to be equalled. + Her hatred of religion is equalled only by her loathing for politicians. + With his last jump he equalled the world record.
      3 [VN] to lead to or result in sth: Cooperation equals success.
      Collocation Dictionary


      intellectual, social

      VERB + EQUAL

      regard sb as, treat sb as
      He did not regard himself as her intellectual equal.


      as an ~
      He talks even to small children as equals.
      | between ~s
      An interview should be a conversation between equals.
      | without ~
      His guitar playing is without equal.


      be sb's equal
      I shall never be his equal at chess.
      | first among equals
      He was regarded as the ‘first among equals’ by the other office clerks.
      | have few equals
      When it comes to plain speaking, she has few equals.
      | have no equal
      In fighting, they had no equals.


      1 same in size/quantity/value, etc.


      be | become | make sth
      We moved some of the better players to make the two sides equal.


      absolutely, exactly, in every way, precisely
      Their test results were equal in every way.
      | almost, nearly, virtually | about, approximately, more or less, roughly
      The EU nations together have an economy about equal in size to that of the US.
      | just | at least
      Fitness is important in sport, but of at least equal importance are skills.


      The two books are more or less equal in length.
      | to
      Three feet is roughly equal to one metre.

      2 having the same rights


      be | be born
      I believe everyone is born equal.


      genuinely, truly 3 equal to sth
      able to do sth


      be, feel, prove, seem
      I hope that he proves equal to the challenge.
      | become | make sb
      I felt that nothing could make me equal to the demands being made of me.


      more than
      I felt more than equal to the task.

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