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envelope /'enviloup/
  • danh từ
    • bao, bọc bì; phong bì
    • (toán học) hình bao, bao
    • vỏ bọc (khí cầu); bầu khí (khí cầu)
    • (sinh vật học) màng bao, vỏ bao
Concise Dictionary
+a flat rectangular paper container for papers
+any wrapper or covering
+a curve that is tangent to each of a family of curves
+a natural covering (as by a fluid)
+the maximum operating capability of a system
+the bag containing the gas in a balloon

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a flat paper container used for sending letters in: writing paper and envelopes + an airmail / padded / prepaid envelope
See also - SAE, SASE
2 a flat container made of plastic for keeping papers in
Collocation Dictionary


fat, thick | self-addressed, stamped addressed
Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you would like a reply.
| post-paid, pre-paid, reply-paid
To apply, use the enclosed reply-paid envelope (no stamp needed).
| padded | airmail | brown, buff, manila, plain, white
an official-looking manila envelope


open, rip open, slit open, steam open, tear open
The letter was suspicious, and I considered steaming open the envelope.
| address, mark
an envelope addressed in my mother's round handwriting The envelope was marked ‘Personal’.
| seal


contain sth


in an/the ~
I had put the letter in the wrong envelope.
| into an/the ~
He quickly stuffed the money back into the envelope.
| on an/the ~
I couldn't read the address on the envelope.
| ~ of
He gave her the envelope of certificates.


the back of an envelope
I scribbled his phone number on the back of an envelope.

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