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enrol /in'roul/ (enroll) /in'roul/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tuyển (quân...)
    • kết nạp vào, ghi tên cho vào (hội...)
    • (pháp lý) ghi vào (sổ sách toà án)
Concise Dictionary
+register formally as a participant or member
+register formally as a participant or member
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 enlist, register, sign up or on (for), join; volunteer; recruit; Colloq join up:
He enrolled at the university.
2 record, register, chronicle, put down, list, note, inscribed, catalogue:
Their names will be enrolled forever in the Book of Heroes.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(-ll-) (especially BrE) (AmE usually enroll) to arrange for yourself or for sb else to officially join a course, school, etc: [V] You need to enrol before the end of August. + (BrE) to enrol on a course + (AmE) to enroll in a course + [VN] The centre will soon be ready to enrol candidates for the new-style programme.

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