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engaged /in'geidʤd/
  • tính từ
    • đã đính ước, đã hứa hôn
    • được giữ trước, có người rồi (xe, chỗ ngồi...)
    • mắc bận, bận rộn
    • đang giao chiến, đang đánh nhau (quân lính)
Concise Dictionary
+carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in
+engage or engross wholly
+engage or hire for work
+ask to represent; of legal counsel
+give to in marriage
+get caught
+carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns)
+hire for work or assistance
+engage for service under a term of contract
+keep engaged

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 betrothed, affianced, plighted, pledged, promised; spoken for:
They got engaged on St Valentine's Day.
2 busy, occupied, tied up, involved, employed, absorbed, preoccupied, wrapped up:
He is otherwise engaged and cannot meet me today.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ~ (in / on sth) (formal) busy doing sth: They are engaged in talks with the Irish government. + He is now engaged on his second novel. + I can't come to dinner on Tuesday-I'm otherwise engaged (= I have already arranged to do something else). + They were engaged in conversation.
2 ~ (to sb) having agreed to marry sb: She's engaged to Peter. + They are engaged to be married (= to each other). + When did you get engaged? + an engaged couple
3 (BrE) (AmE busy) (of a telephone line) being used: I couldn't get through-the line's engaged. + I phoned earlier but you were engaged (= using your phone). + the engaged tone / signal
4 (BrE) (of a public toilet) being used
Compare: VACANT
Collocation Dictionary

1 doing sth




deeply, heavily
those who are deeply engaged in party politics
| fully, totally | largely, mainly, primarily | directly | constantly | currently | actively, busily | otherwise
I'm afraid Mr Wilson cannot see you now as he is otherwise engaged.


She was engaged in conversation with a client.
| on
He is actively engaged on several projects.
| with
Mrs Scott is engaged with a customer at the moment.

2 having promised to marry sb


be | become, get
The couple got engaged last month.


She's engaged to an actor.

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