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enforce /in'fɔ:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho có hiệu lực, làm cho có sức mạnh (một lý lẽ), đòi cho được (một yêu sách)
    • (+ upon) ép làm, thúc ép, ép buộc (một việc gì)
      • to enforce something upon someone: ép ai phải làm một việc gì
    • bắt tôn trọng, bắt tuân theo; đem thi hành (luật lệ)
Concise Dictionary
+ensure observance of laws and rules
+compel to behave in a certain way

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 insist upon or on, stress, require, impose, support, put into effect, apply, administer, carry out, inflict, bring to bear, implement, prosecute, discharge; reinforce; Colloq crack or clamp down:
The police will enforce the curfew tonight.
2 force, compel, pressure or Brit pressurize, press, coerce, lay stress upon or on, impose upon or on, impress upon or on, insist upon or on, demand, require; intimidate, browbeat, bully, railroad; Colloq lean on, twist (someone's) arm:
They hired thugs to enforce their claim.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 ~ sth (on / against sb/sth) to make sure that people obey a particular law or rule: It's the job of the police to enforce the law. + The legislation will be difficult to enforce. + United Nations troops enforced a ceasefire in the area.
2 ~ sth (on sb) to make sth happen or force sb to do sth: You can't enforce cooperation between the players. + a period of enforced absence
enforceable adjective: A gambling debt is not legally enforceable.
enforcement noun [U]: strict enforcement of regulations + law enforcement agencies / officers / procedures
Collocation Dictionary


fully, properly, rigidly, rigorously, strictly, vigorously
The rules were strictly enforced.
| legally


can/cannot, could/could not
The ban cannot be legally enforced.
| be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | help (to)
a system of local inspectors to help enforce presidential decrees
| seek to, take steps to
The government may take steps to enforce compliance with the new measures.
| decline to, refuse to

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