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energy /'enədʤi/
  • danh từ
    • nghị lực, sinh lực
    • sự hoạt động tích cực
    • khả năng tiềm tàng, năng lực tiềm tàng
    • (số nhiều) sức lực
    • (vật lý) năng lượng
      • solar energy: năng lượng mặt trời
      • kinetic energy: động năng
Concise Dictionary
+(physics) the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs
+forceful exertion
+enterprising or ambitious drive
+an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)
+a healthy capacity for vigorous activity
+the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States; created in 1977

Thesaurus Dictionary
vitality, forcefulness, vivacity, liveliness, vigour, animation, spirit, force, dynamism, drive, verve, dash, élan, intensity, power, determination, puissance, strength, might, Colloq pep, vim and vigour, US stick-to-it-iveness, get-up-and-go, zip, zing:
At seventy, she just couldn't put as much energy into her performance as she once did.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the ability to put effort and enthusiasm into an activity, work, etc: It's a waste of time and energy. + She's always full of energy. + nervous energy (= energy produced by feeling nervous)
2 (energies) [pl.] the physical and mental effort that you use to do sth: She put all her energies into her work. + creative / destructive energies
3 [U] a source of power, such as fuel, used for driving machines, providing heat, etc: solar / nuclear energy + It is important to conserve energy. + an energy crisis (= for example when fuel is not freely available) + The £400 million programme is centred around energy efficiency and renewable power sources.
4 [U] (physics) the ability of MATTER or RADIATION to work because of its MASS, movement, electric CHARGE, etc: kinetic / potential energy
Collocation Dictionary

1 ability to be active/work hard


boundless, indefatigable, inexhaustible, unflagging
I admire her boundless energy.
| surplus | nervous, restless | youthful | creative
There was a lack of creative energy in the British film industry.


amount, level
You can judge how healthy you are by the amount of energy you have.
| great deal
Bringing up twins requires a great deal of energy.
| burst
With a sudden burst of energy, he ran to the top of the hill.


be bursting with, be full of, have
The children are always full of energy. I don't seem to have any energy these days.
| lack
He never seems to lack energy.
| expend, put
She put all her energies into her work.
| channel, devote, direct, turn
We're trying to deal with young offenders by channelling their energy into sport rather than crime.
| conserve, save | work off
The kids were running around crazily, working off their surplus energy.
| waste
We don't want to waste our energy trying to persuade people who are just not interested.
| sap
The hills sapped his energy and he got off his bike for frequent rests.
| dissipate
The volunteers' energy was dissipated by the enormous amounts of paperwork involved in the project.


It was late and my energy was beginning to flag.


an outlet for your energy
Football gives them an outlet for their energy.
| a waste of energy
It's a waste of energy cutting this grass?nobody's going to see it.

2 source of power


the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy
| atomic, nuclear, solar, wave, wind


The new power station produces vast amounts of energy.


generate, produce | harness
attempts to harness solar energy
| provide, supply | consume, use | store
No battery could store enough energy to turn over a car's engine.
| conserve, save | waste | need, require


production | consumption, use | demand, needs, requirements
total energy requirements for the coming year
| supply
The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation's energy supplies.
| resources, sources | conservation, savings
equipment that offers long-term energy savings
| efficiency | bill, costs, prices | crisis, problem, shortage
The country could face an energy crisis if demand continues to rise.
| company, industry, sector
state control of the energy industries
| market
The cost of solar power needs to fall before it makes an impact on the energy market.
| management, plan, policy, programme, project, strategy
a government-sponsored renewable energy project


a demand for energy
The demand for energy and fuel is expected to increase dramatically.
| energy-saving
energy-saving features that can reduce energy bills by 50%
| a form of energy, a source of energy

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