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enemy /'enimi/
  • danh từ
    • kẻ thù, kẻ địch, địch thủ; quân địch, tàu địch
      • to be one's own enemy: tự mình làm hại mình
    • (thông tục) thì giờ
      • how goes the enemy?: mấy giờ rồi?
      • to kill the enemy: giết thì giờ
    • the Enemy
      • ma vương
  • tính từ
    • của địch, thù địch
Concise Dictionary
+an opposing military force
+an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)
+any hostile group of people
+a personal enemy

Thesaurus Dictionary
foe, antagonist, adversary, opponent, rival, competitor, contestant, contender; the opposition, the other side:
His enemies were running a smear campaign against him.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural enemies)
1 [C] a person who hates sb or who acts or speaks against sb/sth: He has a lot of enemies in the company. + After just one day, she had already made an enemy of her manager. + They used to be friends but they are now sworn enemies (= are determined not to become friends again). + It is rare to find a prominent politician with few political enemies. + The state has a duty to protect its citizens against external enemies. + Birds are the natural enemies of many insect pests (= they kill them).
See also - ENMITY
2 (the enemy) [sing.+sing./pl. v.] a country that you are fighting a war against; the soldiers, etc. of this country: The enemy was / were forced to retreat. + enemy forces / aircraft / territory + behind enemy lines (= the area controlled by the enemy)
3 [C] ~ (of sth) (formal) anything that harms sth or prevents it from being successful: Poverty and ignorance are the enemies of progress.
Idioms see WORST adj.
Collocation Dictionary


arch, bitter, deadly, great, implacable, mortal, sworn | dangerous, formidable, powerful | ancient, old, traditional
In today's match England play their old enemy, Scotland.
| chief, main, principal
The lion is the zebra's chief enemy.
| natural
The Church and the Communist Party were natural enemies.
| common
They united in the face of a common enemy.
| political


She didn't have an enemy in the world.
| make
He made many enemies during his brief reign. I didn't want to make an enemy of Mr Evans.
| attack, fight (against)
He was prepared to use any weapon to fight against his enemies.
| defeat, destroy | confront, face
He turned to face his enemy.
| defend sth against, protect sb/sth against/from
The cat uses its claws to protect itself against enemies.
| deter
The skunk releases a pungent smell to deter the enemy.


attack sb/sth


army, forces, soldiers, troops, unit | defences, front (line), lines, positions, ranks
The spies managed to penetrate behind enemy lines.
| camp | action, bombing, fire
The men came under enemy fire. the first casualty from enemy action
| activity
Intelligence reported enemy activity just off the coast.
| country | territory | aircraft, fighter, plane, ship | propaganda


against an/the ~
They decided to use the weapon against the enemy.


fall into enemy hands
The document must not at any price fall into enemy hands.
| in the face of the enemy
He was shot for desertion in the face of the enemy.
| public enemy (number one)
Since the scandal, the former minister has become public enemy number one.

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