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encumbrance /in'kʌmbrəns/ (incumbrance) /in'kʌmbrəns/
  • danh từ
    • gánh nặng
      • without encumbrance: không có gánh nặng gia đình, không có con
    • sự phiền toái, điều phiền toái
    • sự trở ngại, sự cản trở; điều trở ngại, điều cản trở
Concise Dictionary
+an onerous or difficult concern
+a charge against property (as a lien or mortgage)
+any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome

Thesaurus Dictionary
weight, burden, onus, cross (to bear), albatross, millstone, handicap, impediment, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, liability, disadvantage, drag:
The children were regarded merely as an encumbrance.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(formal) a person or thing that prevents sb from moving easily or from doing what they want: I felt I was being an encumbrance to them.

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