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encourage /in'kʌridʤ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm can đảm, làm mạnh dạn
    • khuyến khích, cổ vũ, động viên
    • giúp đỡ, ủng hộ
Concise Dictionary
+contribute to the progress or growth of
+inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to
+spur on

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 hearten, embolden, reassure, buoy (up), stimulate, animate, support, inspirit, inspire, cheer (up), urge or spur on or onward(s), incite, Colloq egg on, pep up:
She encouraged him in his study of medicine.
2 promote, advance, aid, support, help, assist, abet, foster, forward, boost, Colloq give a shot in the arm:
The continued success of the team encouraged attendance at the games.

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